fashion-grannyFASHIONGRANNY is on assignment this week, so I’m taking you back in time wtih a couple of classic questions from the Archives! Thank you readers!



Since we’ve moved from the Northeast, Hubby’s style is non-existent! He never wears longs pants or “real shoes“, just shorts and sandals. He’s hard on the eye with socks and Birkenstocks! I’m embarrassed!


A. Young lady I feel your pain! The “look” that your husband has achieved is in the Fashion History Books, the Chapter titled, “Rebel Without A Cause”!

SWS has never been an acceptable look! In your husband’s defense, as FASHIONGRANNY traveled Germany in the 1960’s; Brewmeisters along the Rhine were sporting this dress, a Heidi’s grandfather thing. We see it in retired men whom I think have given up! The only time SWS are acceptable is if you’ve lost all ten toes to frostbite!

My advice is to be nice to hubby for a week. After the shock, play a game. In front of a mirror, in his usual get-up, have him change into classy, casual slacks and a Cole Haan men’s sandal. Compare. He should see the light.

Give him a sloppy kiss to seal the deal! Doesn’t work?

Take him out in back and….well…you know what to do!



Can you mix Silver and Gold Jewelry? I’m from the old school and I hear my Mother telling me,” It isn’t done!” Help!

A. OK! Time for critical thinking. Your neighbor’s child can have 14 visible piercing on her ears, nose, cheek, brow, and no telling where else, but you can’t mix Silver and Gold jewelry? I rest my case!

A lot of what Mom told us was true for her Generation and was told to her by her Mom. We carry this info until Death unless, at some point in our lives, we stop… open the suitcase… and remove what does not belong to us. Not all that was told to us was good, but not all of it was bad. Mom knew some stuff!

Our fashion problem today is one of indecency and chaos.

If I may, let me be Mom for a moment: ” Practice Good Taste”.



How long are these gigantic purses going to be in style? I feel foolish carrying such a big pocketbook, but I still buy them! What’s your thought?

A. OMG! I love this question! Wouldn’t you know it? This is a pet peeve of FASHIONGRANNY!

Big Pocketbook is an oxymoron.

Let’s go to school for a minute. The word pocketbook is defined as “a pocket-size folder used to hold money & papers,” and – as defined for Women – add, “small articles.”

I think this is one big perpetration on lady hood by

no talent designers in their quest for Mo’ Money Diversification!

Yes!, business is business, but it ain‘t our business!? Who’s benefiting? Have you ever seen a photo of yourself holding one of these signature bags? It’s like you are holding a small yurt on your arm! “Small articles” does not mean lunch or Sparky!

The look isn’t feminine, nor, if you really think about it, practical.

Is there really a need for all of that toting? This “fashion” has given us dolls a look of frantic multi-taskers!  The look of eager contestants on “Let’s Make A Deal,” able to pull a diaper pin or shoe out of our bag at Monty’s behest!

This is one “look” I stay away from! I don‘t believe the hype and the “look” is truly fashion sabotage!

Don’t be a fashion slave! Instead, a suggestion. Buy purses in a size that is in proportion to your body size. Nobody loves a hip, expensive handbag more than FASHIONGRANNY, and I’ll admit I love a good label too! Remember, Purses, Handbags, Pocketbooks, whatever you call them, are just accessories made to enhance the big picture –You!

Whether you’re downtown for dinner, the market or work, by any means necessary, Accessorize: it’s one of God’s gifts to Womankind!

Just make sure the focus is You, not your collection of receipts!


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