showcase-tammy-bisterThe Beaufort Art Association is excited to feature the newest additions to its gallery membership in a special exhibit that will run through April 2nd.  A reception for the artists was held on February 25th at the BAA Gallery, located in the historic Elliott House, 1001 Bay Street at the corner of Charles.


Nine “new” artists began exhibiting with the BAA in 2010.  As a way to recognize and welcome them, the BAA is currently displaying their work in the Featured Artists’ room.



Tammy Mohn Brister came to Beaufort with her family in June of 2009 from the Raleigh, NC area.  She began working in clay about fifteen years ago, and now both she and her husband are throwing pots.  Tammy’s work is of high-fire earthenware with food-safe glazes.  Her pottery is food-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe.


Jo Ann Graham, having worked as a dance educator and consultant, has always stressed showcase-jo-ann-grahamthe importance of the arts.  She transitioned into the world of metal, working especially in silver.  Her inspiration comes from the world of movement and the ever-evolving, organic shapes of nature.  All of her pieces are handmade and unique.


Mary Lee Grove was an interior designer in Atlanta for 25 years, and before that was Director of Artists in Schools for the Georgia Council of Arts and Humanities.   After moving to Beaufort, she began painting portraits of children and showcase-mary-lee-groveanimals, primarily in oils.  For her, it’s the creative process, in which she can lose herself, that matters most.


Bruce Hawkins enjoyed a high-level career in the boating world after a stint in the U.S. Coast Guard.  He has long aimed to blend his passion for writing and photography with his marine experience.  Bruce is a digital photographer and image artist who captures scenes and events indigenous to Beaufort and the Low Country and beyond.


Carol Kamm began painting in the Northeast while working in the graphic design and communications.  Living near The Cleveland Museum of Art, The Cleveland Art Institute, and Kent State University and studying with acclaimed national artists have given her the education that enables her, today, to work, skillfully and originally, in many mediums and styles.


Ron Mabey completed a major in graphic and advertising design with a minor in photography at The Cleveland Institute of Art.  He has had

extensive experience working and teaching in the commercial and advertising art worlds.   Ron’s photographs reveal his mastery of design and ability to capture beauty in subjects most people fail to showcase-ron-mabeyappreciate.


Joann Madison has always loved art, even winning awards in high school.  After moving to Sun City she began painting scenery for the Community Theatre Club.  This led her to the Art Club.  She started painting again and taking classes, especially in watercolor.  Joann is also an avid quilter and offers classes in both quilting and sewing.


Lynne Darling Morgan began painting in Norwegian decorative traditions and moved on to create murals in the DC area.  Since moving to Beaufort, she pursued realism in watercolor and acrylics, but then took up oil painting.  She has recently “fallen back in love with the sea and its movements” and is now painting seascapes in oil.


Marian Sanders’ first oil painting was of her aunt’s kitchen table with paints she received as a Christmas present.  Although she taught science for many years, both at the high school and college level, Marian took painting lessons whenever she could.  Retirement has enabled her to paint the animals and scenic beauty of the Low Country that inspire her.


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