shelley-lowther-newPsst. The universe is working for you.

You don’t have to believe that. You don’t have to believe in good or evil for them to exist. But what’s possible if you believe it?

I recently realized that if I pay attention, I can see and feel the universe working for me. You can call it God, Buddha, Allah, or Spirit, but if you pay attention you will find a divine grace in your corner. Some doors close, but new doors and windows crack open. With each end comes a new beginning, and with each breakdown, the opportunity for a breakthrough.

And what better ally could there be than the Universe?   All of the things that you want and desire are possible if you believe in yourself and if you set goals to achieve your dreams.

In 40 Days to Personal Revolution, my teacher Baron Baptiste asks, “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?”

I’d go for it. The good news is, that even if I don’t succeed the first time, I know I will eventually because the freaking UNIVERSE has my back.


So, In 2013, I’m going for it.


* I publish more often, and become a voice for expression, creativity and positive thinking. I publish in Elephant Journal and submit to Yoga Journal. I explore the possibility of a book.


* I believe in myself more and criticize myself less.


* I finally run a half marathon. With my sister.


* I lead teacher training programs and cause new Baptiste yoga teachers all over the South.


* I take my show on the road, and lead trainings across the US.


* I expand my business and consolidate my resources, to include live/work space. Simplify and live simply.


* I take more time for family and friends and enrich my life with the people and dogs I love most.


* I travel to Kenya with my friend Kate Taylor as an Africa Yoga Project Ambassador to spread my love of Baptiste Yoga.


* I slowly remove all animal products from my diet so that I can transition into a vegan lifestyle successfully.


*. I assist at least two Baptiste programs, Charleston and one weeklong program.


* I practice yoga 5-6 days a week, and when possible, 7.


* I delegate more and worry less.


* I concentrate on being who I am and not who I am “supposed to be.”


*. I choose joy.


These goals are not listed in order of importance. They are all important.


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