laplumeDear L.A. Plume,

I live near the entrance to the new walking trail, and as I was driving by the other day I noticed a woman walking her dog and allowing it to urinate all over the new plants. I slowed my car down and beeped at her, pointed at the dog, and her “response” was to just act like it was her very own doggy do-do park. This same woman walks blithely through our neighborhood also without regard to whose lawn her dog “visits.” How can we appropriately let people know we don’t condone this behavior?


Dear Missy,

It’s not so much what people allow their pets to do, because pets are famous for doing what they have to do, without much thought for where they are – it’s where the owners take them to do it. These same people are the ones who allow their toddlers to have iPhones, or watch their personal dvd players in a restaurant at full volume, or endlessly kick the back of your seat on an airplane. If you see a pattern to her walking in your neighborhood, lie in wait at the right time with your garden hose.

A. Plume

Dear Ms. Plume,

This sounds a bit silly even to me, but when I see endless photos posted at parties on Facebook, sometimes I feel left out. I see my friends at these parties and wonder why I wasn’t invited, and there are some Facebook posters who seem to gleefully post photos to let people know they weren’t invited. What can I do?

Feeling Left Out

Dear FLO,

Perhaps for starters, don’t click on the photos to see who was at a party to which you already know you weren’t invited. Better yet, have a party of your own and invite the people who entertain, and they may invite you back. Or become an invaluable guest, which can be accomplished with loads of charm or really, really good hostess gifts.

L.A. Plume

Dear L. A. Plume,

Now that the holiday parties are over, and I hosted my share, I have a stack full of plates and dishes that don’t belong to me. People were kind enough to bring goodies for the parties but now I don’t know to whom these dishes belong and how to return them. I remember in the good old days when my mothers friends hosted “pot-luck” dinners and everyone put their name on the bottom of their dishes with a piece of tape. Can I post photos of the dishes on Facebook and see if they get claimed, or would that be tacky?


Dear Betty,

Yes, it would be tacky, especially if you didn’t invite FLO from above, but it is a creative thought. I think the best solution is to encourage guests to bring a disposable dish, or buy one at the thrift shop, and just plan to leave it; for a dollar or two you can usually buy something really pretty and not worry about what happens to it.

L.A. Plume


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