shelley-lowther-newI recently attended goal setting training, and learned a simply yet staggeringly important truth.

Everything after “I am” creates.*

We create our lives.   Every single aspect comes from us.  What we think, we become.


Consider this.   After a long and challenging day at work or school, you walk into your home and say, “I am so tired.”    Moments later, you think it again:  “I am so tired, I just need to sit down.”   That gathering you have been looking forward to all week is in two hours, and all you feel is “tired.” The more you think about tired, the more tired you become.   You can almost feel the energy oozing from your bones.

What happens is instead of saying “I am so tired” you come home and say, “Today was challenging, but I am excited about seeing my friends tonight”?   Do you think you might feel an energetic shift?

The words we say and think have power.  Whoever said “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” wasn’t quite right.  When we say words to ourselves they have tremendous power.  Words DO have the power to hurt us and create our way of being if we believe them.  Words are only powerless when we know they are not true.

The words we speak to ourselves create our reality.  If you make a mistake and say, aloud or to yourself, “I am so stupid,” you will feel stupid.  You will start feeling more frustrated, and the solutions to your problems will slip farther away. Conversely, if you make a mistake and say, “That was the wrong move, but I am smart and I can figure this out,” you are already closer to your solution.

What we say and what we think creates our lives.  If you want to be happy, create it. Arm yourself with a mantra that creates the life you want, and say it to yourself every morning, and every time you start to feel like something is taking your energy.


Need help?  Try these:

I choose happiness.

I am strong and powerful.

I am amazing.

I am filled with energy.

I can do anything I want.

I am happy.

Want a happy, successful, amazing, exciting life filled with love?  Create it.  Say out loud what you want.  I am __________________________________.

Now go create.


* Everything after “I am” creates is a concept from


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