New website dedicated to the natural beauty of Hilton Head Island

Birding enthusiast and photographer Patty Kappmeyer is delighted to introduce, a dedicated online platform for birding and nature photography on Hilton Head Island. Here, visitors can download her new e-book: “Flight through the Seasons: Discover Birding and Photography in the Lowcountry of Hilton Head Island.” This interactive book offers a captivating journey into the world of birding and photography on Hilton Head Island. The book and website have been inspired by the inquiries of visitors, new residents, and budding birders or photographers who frequently seek insider tips on the best birding and nature spots to explore during their stay on Hilton Head Island . With “Flight through the Seasons,” hospitality professionals, business owners and local organizations now possess a valuable resource to extend to guests and residents, furnishing them with expert insights and recommendations to enhance their island experience.

The website contains other valuable resources such as free bird identification tools, guided birding and photography walks, and engaging content via her blog, Twitcher’s Patch. Patty is available for speaking engagements, providing local organizations and the hospitality industry with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of local birding and nature hotspots while emphasizing the importance of conservation through education. Whether it’s a casual Q&A session or a formal presentation, Patty can tailor the content to suit your specific needs and interests.

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