Mike Bostwick, Chief Executive of the Wardle Family YMCA in Port Royal, recently announced a new policy to provide free memberships to those in the Beaufort community who have lost their jobs in the current economic downturn.
    “Losing your job can create a very stressful situation at home,” says Bostwick. “That person needs calm and focus to look for another job. We feel that our programs and facilities can be helpful in managing stress. Sometimes, it’s just helpful to have some place to go in the morning. We feel it’s our Christian mission in this community to help bring help wherever we can to alleviate difficult situations. We are offering free membership to those who have become unemployed in this current economic downturn. We have streamlined the process so there is not a whole lot of paperwork involved. Just come in and see me or any of my staff at the front desk. You will find a welcoming smile and a ready hand to offer help.”
    Bostwick continues, “Our fitness and aquatics programs are proven to relieve stress, and our wellness programs can map out a complete schedule to follow. Our pool is the best in Beaufort County, and our fitness facilities are first rate. So we invite those in distress to come in and take advantage of this wonderful community resource.”
    The Wardle Family YMCA is located at 1801 Richmond Avenue, one block off Ribaut Rd. in Port Royal. You can contact them at 843-52-9622 or visit their website at www.ymcabeaufortcounty.com