FOOD-DebbiAglaiaCongratulations to our Everyday Gourmet, Debbi Covington, who was recently featured in The Aglaia, the national publication of Phi Mu sorority.

Debbi was a Phi Mu at Barton College and says she’s still very close to her sorority sisters. She even has some Phi Mu friends here in Beaufort! Despite having published two award-winning cookbooks, over 250 Lowcountry Weekly columns, and being Beaufort’s favorite caterer, Debbi tells us being featured in The Aglaia was the thrill of a lifetime. (Once a sister, always a sister.) She especially loved sharing her recipe for Shrimp and Grits Martinis, one of the most popular items on her wedding catering menu. As we head into wedding season here in the Lowcountry – aka “busy season” for Debbi – we wish her lots of luck and look forward to seeing her again in the fall.:) We’re proud of you, Debbi!