“Dream Team” TZiPi Radonski, Sally Lombard, & Marie LeRoy

On Saturday, January 13 – Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King weekend – Reverend Kenneth Hodges and the Tabernacle Baptist Church community will host in their Fellowship Hall the first Beaufort Community Marathon Reading of the NY Times bestseller 1619 Project: A new origin story by Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Where did this idea originate? 

In 2021, the NAACP North Shore Youth Council of Massachusetts hosted the reading of The 1619 Project from 7 am until finish. Good ideas need to be replicated.

What’s a Marathon Reading?

Traditionally, a marathon is a long-distance run. We are hosting a long distance read! A ‘marathon reading.’ The entire book will be read beginning at 7 am until it’s completed. The readers will be people who have voluntarily signed up for 15-minute slots. See the QR code below to join us.

Why this book? Why learn from a ‘banned’ book?

The 1619 Project is an anthology of essays seeking to reframe American history and the institution of slavery’s impact on the USA’s economy, laws, society, and the livelihoods of Black Americans. This book provides history not often taught. South Carolina has placed restrictions on language and history taught in public schools. Reading this book can be seen as an act of civil disobedience. Our intention is to tell the truth, the whole story. “If we are truly a great nation, the truth cannot destroy us.” – Nikole Hannah-Jones.

Who dreamed this up?

The dream team is: Marie LeRoy, Sally Lombard and TZiPi Radonsky. Three women from diverse backgrounds who crossed imaginary boundaries making the world a better place – more inclusive, more diverse, more loving.

Together we can do anything, and we are!

The dream team is asking volunteers of all ages to support the readers, by coming to listen, witnessing the event, being on a welcoming committee and supporting the inside team and gratefulness leaving team. We plan to have English, Spanish, Gullah and American Sign language readers.

Snacks & drinks will be provided to those who read. And tee-shirts will be given to each reader and offered for sale. NeverMore Books and Beaufort Bookstore will be present selling various books.

Please join us physically as a reader, witness, listener, support team and or in spirit. Tell your friends &
neighbors and/or make a donation to the cause. Be a part of this major, unique event, here in the Lowcountry. Join those who want to learn what they don’t know and unlearn all they thought they knew.

For more information, see the QR code or call Sally Lombard at 803-467-2459.