church-stop-hunger-nowMembers of First Presbyterian in Beaufort packaged 10,000 meals (in two hours!) for school children in developing countries.


First Presbyterian Church of Beaufort packaged more than 10,000 meals on on a recent Sunday afternoon during a two hour event for Stop Hunger Now, an international hunger relief agency.

“Church definitely left the building, so to speak, with these meals going to feed the least of God’s children around the world,” said Dr. Patrick Perryman, Senior Pastor at FPC. “Stop Hunger Now’s meal packaging program is one of the best intergenerational mission events I have ever experienced, allowing full participation from our youngest children to seasoned adults.”

The meals packaged by FPC will primarily be used to support school feeding programs in developing coun­tries. Stop Hunger Now and hunger experts agree that hunger is solvable and is the common thread among the world’s most challenging issues. When hunger is targeted, specifically by supporting school feeding programs, you give leverage support to other causes, including poverty, disease, education and the welfare of women and children.

“What a joy and blessing it was to participate in such a meaningful program for others less fortunate,” said Bill Harvey, life-long member and elder at FPC. “The participation of more than 50 of our members was inspiring. We look forward to doing more to stop world hunger.”

In addition to international efforts of hunger relief, FPC is committed to a monthly food drive for HELP of Beaufort, which provides food assistance for the local community.

Stop Hunger Now’s mission is to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life saving aid to the world’s most vulnerable and by creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources. Since 1998, the orga­nization has coordinated the distribution of food and other lifesaving aid to children and families in countries all over the world. Stop Hunger Now has provided more than $70 million dollars worth of direct aid and 34 million meals to 72 countries worldwide.

For more information on how other groups in Beaufort can participate with Stop Hunger Now and their meal-packaging program, please visit

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