By Jason Carnes

Fall means football season is finally here! The team is practicing diligently, and family and friends are ready to cheer them on. Putting in the extra work conditions a player for a winning season. Here are five high tech gadgets that can help athletes improve their performance:

Smart Fan

Training outside in the southern heat can be unbearable. A smart neck fan detects temperatures and provides an all-around breeze accordingly. These devices are lightweight and comfortable. The c-shape prevents the fan from slipping off during activity.

Wearable monitor

Many wearable devices on the market monitor activity, heart rate, oxygen, steps, and other insightful data. Smart socks, watches, vests, armbands are all designed to be worn comfortably while collecting crucial data to help athletes improve their performance.

Smart weights

A whole set of dumbbells takes up a lot of space at home. If you want the ability to train at home, but have limited space, adjustable weights are a more condensed solution. Adjustable dumbbells offer a spectrum of weights while only taking up the space of one.

Smart jump rope

Endurance is key to making a strong player. Jumping rope is said to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to practice cardio. A smart jump rope syncs to an app on your smartphone to track your workout data. Analytics help you understand your exercise habits and track your progress.

Smart foam roller

Recovery is a critical part of training. Using a foam roller on muscles helps them recover after an intense workout. A smart foam roller takes recovery to the next level by adding vibration to help relieve soreness and loosen muscles. It also can increase flexibility and circulation widening a player’s range of motion.

Connected devices that utilize wi-fi require a strong internet connection to perform properly. Make sure you are getting the speed you need by calling your local internet service provider.


Jason Carnes is General Manager of Hargray