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In last month’s Part I of our two-part series about our beloved Port Royal Farmers Market, we featured “Farmers and Growers.” Part II below features a variety of tasty “Food Vendors.”

We love the Port Royal Farmers Market and go there pretty much every Saturday when we’re in town. It’s open from 9am to noon every Saturday year-round, which is unusual for many farmers markets, which are only seasonal.

If we’re there when everyone is first opening and we haven’t already eaten at home (or even if we have), we often grab some sort of “breakfast.” If we’re there mid-morning, a snack or two is typically on the menu. If it’s closer to the noon closing time, then we might create “lunch” to enjoy at a picnic table amidst the trees or buy something from a vendor to bring home for a fresh Saturday lunch or supper (sometimes both).

Many food vendors are located in what we affectionally call the “food court.” We think we’ve tried something from every

Food Court

vendor all around the Market and will try to be as complete as possible in mentioning all of them (apologies if we missed one!). Here goes:

*Acme Boiled Peanuts: William Thorpe boils his tasty peanuts the way his daddy did and typically has three types of perfectly prepared boiled peanuts on offer…regular (which are anything but); spicy (which are); and garlic (loaded with garlic and our current fave).

*Beloved Coffee Roasters: Caffeine fuel for crisp Saturday mornings (or anytime), including coffee, espresso, latte, cappuccino, and flat white from this beloved Beaufort-based roaster.

*Berto’s: We say “si” and “gracias” to the addition of Berto’s last year, thanks to their tasty tamales, rice bowls, tacos, chips and salsa, and more.

Calibogue Catering

*Calibogue Catering: Master Chef Brentt Toole brings his giant grill to the Market every Saturday and typically offers delicious pulled pork, smoked chicken, beef brisket, shrimp burgers, and more. The possibilities include half-pints, pints, quarts, and more of Brunswick stew, chili, mac ‘n cheese, coleslaw, and more, as well as sandwiches, soups, classic and creative salads and sides, Holidays menus, and more.

*Castra Rota Fine Foods: In business since 1922 and featuring fine cheeses, homemade breads, fresh-made pasta, frozen pizzas (also homemade and often available to sample), and more, Castra Rota and owner Adriano remain popular Farmers Market mainstays.

*Fire & Rice Paella: This mobile paella company with the huge pan offers flavorful varied paella offerings featuring imported Spanish bomba rice, bacon, chicken, sausage, organic chicken stock, imported Spanish saffron, roasted red peppers, peas, and thyme. It’s available in small containers that serve one, large containers that feed two, and highly recommended party packs that will feed six to eight.

*Hank’s Lowcountry She Crab Soup and Crab Cakes: Beloved chef and caterer Hank Yadon has been preparing famed

Jannie’s Breads

she crab soup and more Lowcountry faves since 1985, when he was handed a recipe said to be one from the butler at the John Rutledge House in Charleston who first created she crab soup back in 1903. Along with his she crab soup (which we love on cool days or to take home and enjoy later), Hank’s tasty Farmers Market menu now typically includes crab cakes, gooey crab mac and cheese, “mumbo jumbo” gumbo, Charleston crab dip, and more.

*Jannie’s Bread: Jannie Smith is rightfully famous at the Farmers Market and beyond for her banana nut bread, but her peaches and cream bread, coconut cream pie, deep dish key lime pie, blueberry pie, and more make for tasty Saturday shopping (including ideal edible gifts).

*Maggioni Oyster Company: With a history dating to 1870, fifth generation owner/operator Jeff Beasley features world-class oysters grown right here in the Lowcountry. Yeah, we know he’s gotten so busy that he doesn’t come to shuck on Saturdays, but we’re hoping he’ll read this and return, oyster knife in hand. Jeff’s also a talented musician we’ve enjoyed listening to on Saturdays as well.

Myers Family Farm

*Myers Family Farms: Featured in “Farmers and Growers” last month, our friends at Myers Family Farms are also food vendors “eggxtraordinaire.” Their varied and very popular breakfast sandwiches are made-to-order, feature homemade bagels and eggs from their chickens, and they’re definitely worth the occasional wait (trust us!).

*Rio Bertolini Pasta: We also don’t mind standing in line come Saturday morning for Rio Bertolini’s fresh-cut pasta, ravioli, gnocchi, cavatelli, pierogi, agnolotti, pizza dough, sauces, compound butters, tasty “take and bake” meals, and gelato. On our last count, we found these friendly folks at about a dozen farmers markets in the region, and their pastas are served at lots of restaurants near and far.

*Sea Island Natives: St. Helena-based Monique de LaTour’s soothing booth features teas made from her dried plant and herb leaves and flowers (from yaupon to sassafras to appropriately named life everlasting and more), cassina (a holly-based tea), indigo and walnut dyes, and more.

*Sprout Momma Breads: Family-owned and -operated (“Momma” is Kim Tavino), Sprout Momma’s offerings feature baked goods made with flour from King Arthur Flour and Lindley Mills that’s organic and never bleached or bromated, including a variety of heritage and ancient grains, sprouted, and whole rye. With varied breads, muffins, croissants, oversized cookies, and more, their tasty techniques include highly hydrated doughs, long fermentation, and natural open air proofing and then baked at high temperatures in stone ovens.

*The Drink Shack: If you’re thirsty for something come Saturday morning, head to The Drink Shack. They feature coffee

The Dumpling Lady

(including cold brew), iced tea, lemonade, chai, hot chocolate, cider, and more.

*The Dumpling Lady: Olivia Lui (pictured in last month’s DISH) and her husband Jim have a loyal following (including us), thanks to Olivia’s Chinese dumplings with her homemade special sauce and the Chinese lo mein, which features egg noodles with fresh vegetables. Olivia’s offerings are particularly popular with kids, some of whom have been eating at The Dumpling Lady for 15-plus years.

*Two Smart Cookies: Founded in 2003 and using only the highest quality ingredients, the folks at Two Smart Cookies mix, roll, cut, and decorate every tasty cookie by hand. They’re made fresh daily and without any preservatives. We always feel a bit smarter after we’ve eaten one of their tasty iced cookies.

*Well House Juicery: Just looking at the colorful options from Beaufort-based Well House Juicery makes us feel, well, good. With names like Anchored, Renewed, Rooted, Rise Up, and Mercy, and having only cold-pressed raw vegetables and fruits for ingredients, we love downing a bottle (or a wellness shot) while we’re walking about the Market. Ask them about juice cleanses and their homemade “mylk.”

*Yummy Buns: Founded by Denise Shupard in 2014 and featuring sweet and savory freshly baked cinnamon rolls, cookies, pies, galettes tomato pie, chicken pot pie, and more, Yummy Buns truly lives up to its name with every bite. Yum!

So, that’s our rundown of the “food vendors” (and more) at the Port Royal Farmers Market. Thanks once again to Market founder Kit Bruce and her trusty sidekick, Louis, for making our Market such a special place come Saturdays (as well as helping with these tasty overviews in a big way).


And, mea culpa, here is a farmer and grower that we mistakenly failed to include in Part I: With spring planting in full swing, Roy Green was back at the Market last month with his popular Simply Green Raised Garden Box offerings. He built one for Kit and Louis and they love it. Roy also offers tasty lettuce, okra and huge blackberries seasonally.


Port Royal Farmers Market

Naval Heritage Park (Ribaut Road & Pinckney Boulevard)

Year-round every Saturday, 9am-noon

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