Author: Sutty Suddeth

Focusing My Life’s Manifestation

The following article was adapted homework from a session a colleague conducted on me about two years ago. It’s beneficial personally and my duty as an energy worker to keep growing and working on myself. I always try to follow the biblical adage of “removing the beam from my own eye before attempting to remove it from my brother’s eye.” The modern day equivalent is “place the oxygen mask on your face first before helping others.” To do otherwise is reckless.

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Death of a Master

Author’s Note: The article below may come off as choppy. I intentionally left it this way as a comment about my state of mind lately. I would apologize, but I feel anyone who has ever lost someone will understand. Thanks in advance for your understanding during this tender time. Special thanks to Katherine Brown and Emily Davis-Fletcher for filling in while I was away.

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The Genesis of Being Enigmatic

Some people are enigmatic for pretentiousness’ sake while others are enigmatic because they know no other way to be. I’d like to think I fall under the latter category while steering clear of the former. Unless you’re an egomaniac, it’s a fine line, so let’s discuss.

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Reiki: Spirituality’s Gateway Drug

            Is Reiki a gateway drug? First off, you’re probably saying, “What the heck is Reiki? I’ve never heard of this drug. Where can I get my hands on it? Is it another CIA plot to use explosive cigars to assassinate a benevolent dictator, if there is such a thing?”

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What’s Happening

november, 2022

DEBBI COVINGTON: My Fabulous Cooking Show

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