La Petite Gallerie, an intimate Old Town Bluffton shop featuring local art, is spotlighting Wally Palmer in August.

A sculptor and musician, Wally is also the gallery’s resident gardener. Probably best known for his bas-relief sculptures of bronze and iron over resin, his art graces many Lowcountry homes and outdoor living areas. The main subject matter are local wading birds and creatures from the sea –crabs, shrimp, turtles and fish. His line of palmetto trees, some featuring a South Carolina moon, are delightful.

They are all substantial pieces of art that have beautiful patinas – some with iron finishes are rustically rusty, while the bronze finishes have varying degrees of a natural green/blue patina that just looks better and better with age. These sculptures are weatherproof and look amazing in outdoor spaces as well as inside your home or business.

Wally also designs and builds large scale sculptural pieces and fountains, often including tabby (a traditional Lowcountry building material composed of ground oyster shells, lime, and sand, mixed with salt water) and glass beads. He sometimes incorporates recycled materials he collects from the waterways that his studio overlooks.

Wally is generally on hand Fridays to greet you; that’s his day to man the desk at La Petite Gallerie. He is always happy to discuss his art and processes, and possibly play you a tune. He usually has his guitar handy on the back deck!

La Petite Gallerie is located at 56 Calhoun Street in Old Town Bluffton.