Director Vic Varner talks about his university choir as it heads into its second year… and he wants YOU!

Q) This will be the second year of the University Chorus (The Sharktones).  How did the first year go?
A) I was blessed to have such an enthusiastic group for the first year.  We were able to put together numerous performances on and off campus.  One of our highlights was opening for "The Bobs," a famous vocal jazz group.
Q) What are your goals for the choir this year?
A) I'd like to expand our repertoire a little. Last year we concentrated on jazz.  I want to continue those endeavors, but also open up the "rep" based on performance opportunities.
Q) Can USCB students get college credits for being in the choir?
A) Yes, University Chorus is an Arts Elective credit.
Q) Are you looking for singers from outside the university?
A) Definitely. We were about half and half last year.

Q) When do you hold auditions, and how can somebody sign up?
A) Auditions are happening now through the first day of class. Those interested should contact me at

Q) What should a singer be prepared to do at the audition?
A) No prep or experience necessary.  The audition is an evaluation of someone's ear, not so much voice.

Q) What is it that you love about choral music? About directing choirs?
A) I just love vocal harmony — all kinds.  Last year at "Night on the Town," we performed a difficult jazz arrangement of "Carol of the Bells."  There were times when those jazz chords tuned up just right.  Those are the moments we work for.