The Society of Bluffton Artists is thrilled to announce the current art exhibit featuring the captivating works of Julia Kamenskikh. Her exhibition invites art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the beauty of Lowcountry landscapes through a unique artistic lens.

“Bring the Light” will run through June 30th at The SOBA Art Gallery in Old Town Bluffton.The opening reception for Kamenskikh’s exhibit will take place from 5-7 p.m. June 8th at The SOBA art gallery. These events are free and open to the public.

Kamenskikh has a profound connection with nature through her works of Lowcountry landscapes. With each stroke of her brush, Kamenskikh delves into the essence of local nature, expressing her deep appreciation for the enchanting salted marshes, expansive ocean vistas, and ever-changing skies.

“Light is my main subject and in each painting I am exploring how we see the world around us,” Kamenskikh said.

Drawing inspiration from plein air painting and local travels, Kamenskikh infuses her pieces with authenticity and heartfelt emotion, ensuring that every scene she captures resonates authentically with the viewer. Her commitment to perfection and adherence to the timeless traditions of old European Masters shine through in every meticulously crafted artwork.

Kamenskikh’s artistic journey has been one of passion and perseverance. Despite pursuing an engineering degree initially, her innate artistic talent continued to beckon, leading her to embrace her true calling as a full-time artist after the birth of her twins.

Today, Kamenskikh’s art graces private collections around the world, earning her recognition and accolades for her skill and dedication.  In addition to her artistic pursuits, Julia is an active member of the plein air painting community, participating in Paint Out Events and sharing her expertise through classes and workshops. Her commitment to both her craft and her community underscores her dedication to enriching lives through art.