Well-known entertainer and supporter of the troops, Gary Sinise, will entertain the masses on Friday, Oct 1st when he leads his Lt. Dan Band in a free concert for the troops and general public at Main Street Beaufort, USA’s 16th Annual Shrimp Festival.

As a prelude to the Emmy Award winning and Oscar nominated actor’s first return trip to the Lowcountry since filming his memorable role as “Lt. Dan” in the 1994 hit movie, Forrest Gump, Main Street Beaufort, USA, has arranged for a free screening of the classic American film to take place at this years kick-off “Movie Night in the Park,” the evening of April 22nd in Beaufort’s Waterfront Park.  This is the same location where Mr. Sinise is scheduled to perform in October.

In the 1994 film, Sinise immortalized the character of “Lt. Dan,” an Army veteran who lost both legs in combat during the Vietnam War. Attending the October Lt. Dan Weekend, held in conjunction with Main Street Beaufort’s 16th annual Shrimp Festival, more than fifty severely injured veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will be honored guests.  Amongst them, two triple amputees have already registered.

Mr. Sinise is donating his time and talent to perform at the October event. Funding for his band and for the bands travel and lodging has already been obtained via outside sources, but the sponsorship for the fifty veterans and their caregivers has not yet been secured. Although this is a FREE movie screening in the park, the Independence Fund will be selling t-shirts and camouflage wristbands at the event in an effort to secure the needed funds to sponsor the attending veterans at the October event. All proceeds from these sales will be applied towards sponsorship for the veterans wishing to attend October’s Lt. Dan Weekend.

April 22nd’s “Movie Night in the Park” offers a unique opportunity to watch a hero on the screen and do something tangible to support some real life heroes who will descend upon Beaufort with Mr. Sinise in October.  We hope you come out in droves.