booksigning-Parris-IslandParris Island Historical and Museum Society will host a Book Signing on March 19th, 2014 from 1-4 pm, featuring Authors Eugene Alvarez, PHD and John C. Stevens III. They will be signing their books; Parris Island, Once a Recruit, Always a Marine, and Court-Martial at Parris Island, The Ribbon Creek Incident.


Parris Island, Once a Recruit Always a Marine author and former Parris Island drill instructor Eugene Alvarez records the training and tough physical and mental challenges that make a Marine. Drawn from firsthand accounts of recruits themselves describing a training program that, on first encounter, often appears insane,

“Parris Island” is a welcome study of the old and the new Corps training and a tribute to the old and the new breed.

Court-Martial at Parris Island, The Ribbon Creek Incident: In this definitive account of the Ribbon booksigning-Court-MartialCreek incident, former Marine and experienced trial lawyer, judge and author John C. Stevens III examines the events of that night, the men of Platoon 71, and the fate of Drill Instructor Sergeant McKeon.

Stevens spent the summer of 1957 as a Parris Island recruit and experienced firsthand the aftermath of the Ribbon Creek drownings and the McKeon court-martial. Drawing on personal interviews with key participants and his own experience, the narrative is a richly developed account of a horrific episode in American military history and the complex characters at the heart of this cautionary tale.

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