“Dance with Me”

La Petite Gallerie, an intimate Old Town Bluffton shop featuring local art, is introducing the gallery artists to newcomers to our area, and reintroducing to old friends…

In September the gallery is spotlighting artist Sue Grilli, whose work is a delightful treat to experience! Her floral paintings, as well as her abstract creations elicit more than just visual pleasure. Describing her florals she says, “A garden filled with flowers presents an everlasting inspiration for art. Although there is so much beauty in nature, I am not just painting the flowers. I am painting how the flowers make you feel.”

Sue is a happy painter, possibly because she is surrounded by a loving and supportive family. Three grown children, a brand new granddaughter, her delightful parents, and her husband Mike, who skillfully supplies quality hand-built frames for her art.

She is a mixed media artist – always trying something new and exploring the interaction of her paints, inks, and whatever

“Love Bugs”

other form of color making materials she can lay her hands on, with different painting surfaces. She is intrigued with texture and often incorporates collage – including cut or torn painted paper – into her work. Her latest pieces are her “Mod Florals,’’ acrylic and ink painted directly on a wood surface with the grain of the wood adding interest to the compositions. They have a bit of a retro 60s vibe which is quite fun! Whether using watercolor, oil or acrylic, she paints intuitive abstracts and landscapes that don’t just capture nature at its best, but how experiencing it makes you feel.

Sue is very active in our local community arts centers and teaching at local venues including the Sun City Art Club. She loves our booming Bluffton art-centric town, sharing her joy of painting with others, and inviting that spark of creativity within all of us.

Sue is generally on hand Wednesdays to greet you – her day to work the desk at La Petite Gallerie. She is delighted to share and let you in on her latest artistic experiments. Stop by to see her soon!