first-digital-happydance-donna-varner-advancedMembers of the Camera Club of Hilton Head submitted 78 entries in the April club contest.  Images were entered in one of two categories: Digital Art, for photos creatively edited or enhanced, and Black and White, for photos shot or transformed to black and white.  Judges were Jerry Griffin Judy McElynn and Patty Schoelkopf, who provided many helpful suggestions in their comments on the ribbon-winning photographs.

Winners were:
NOVICE: Digital Art: 1st – Joe Wolfe
2nd – Bill Schmitt
3rd – Kendra Natter
Honorable Mention – Kim Lewis

NOVICE: Black and White: 1st – Fiona Grygiel
2nd – Pam Rapp
3rd – Kendra Natterfirst-black-fiona-grygiel-novice
Honorable Mention – Dave Lyle
Honorable Mention – Eddie Crenshaw

INTERMEDIATE: Digital Art: 1st – John Barrett
2nd – Hugh O’Connor
3rd – John Parsons

INTERMEDIATE: Black and White: 1st – Natalie Nelson
2nd – Lew Allison
3rd – John Parsons

ADVANCED: Digital Art:  1st – Donna Varner
2nd – Lou Alexander
3rd – Wes Grady

ADVANCED: Black and White: 1st – Donna Varner
2nd – Marci Tressel      
3RD – Lou Alexander

EXPERT: Digital Art:  1st – Don Schwarz

EXPERT: Black and White: 1st – Don Schwarz


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