people-painting-muralsCalling all artists, sculptors, writers, poets, musicians, songwriters, architects, engineers, planners, fund-raisers, theater producers, set-designers and other creative people interested in being a part of an historic public art venture, co-sponsored by the Beaufort Arts Council and the Technical College of The Lowcountry.

Concept: the artists of Beaufort County to build and paint a community mural project that exemplifies unity through illustrating the true stories about the history of Beaufort County, spanning the periods from discovery to the present day. Since TCL evolved from The Mather School, it will be the primary focus of the mural, however we will also feature events from around the community, including but not limited to: Santa Elena, Civil War, and Reconstruction to the present. Cultural diversity and unity is the key concept. We hope this will be one of many such murals to illustrate our celebrated arts town.

Location: The tunnel at The Technical College of the Lowcountry, going under Ribaut Road. The entrance and exit walkway has wooden paneled siding, which provides a lot of surface area to use for this project and these existing panels which can be used for a variety of murals illustrating a common theme. The corrugated tunnel will feature our beautiful Lowcountry landscape. There is also a long walkway bordered with a grassy area on either side. The grassy areas will be used as a sculpture garden and also be a place for musicians, spoken word artists to gather and perform during publicized events.

Upon completion of the project there will be a plaque placed with the names of all the artists and information about the images featured. If you are interested in participation please let us know. Our next meeting will be in January with the opening ceremony scheduled for February 24, 2017.

All sponsors and artists ready to contribute; ideas, donations and your gifts, please contact.

Delene Miller, President Beaufort Arts Council. On Facebook join: The Community Mural Project. Email: Phone: 843.379.ARTS