Student-PickMePickMe-LittleLocal high school students take top honors in the annual Dale Wescott Memorial Nature Contest.

Bluffton High’s Marc Slape took home top honors with his photograph, “Flamboyant Stripes.” His Student-Flamboyant-Stripes-Slapeimage won first place in the annual Dale Westcott Memorial Nature contest Monday night. Each year the Photography Club of Beaufort awards prizes to the best nature photographs submitted by area high schools. This year over 75 black & white and color photographs were submitted, by their teachers, then judged by club members at their March meeting. Awards were presented at the April 8th club meeting by Mrs. Dale (Barbara) Westcott. The award is given in memory of her late husband who was an educator and avid nature photographer. Mrs. Westcott also announced that in 2014, Dale’s son Donald Westcott would be creating an additional nature award. The specific subject will be announced later this year with the input of the high school teachers.

Ribbons and checks were also awarded to the following students:
Battery Creek students took both 2nd and 3rd Place: Untitled by Chelsea Lynn and “Pick Me, Pick Me !” by Jayde Little.

Two Honorable Mentions were awarded to “Happiest Place On Earth” by Grace Stewart of Beaufort Academy and “Winter Scene” by Tina Hanna of Bluffton HS


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