Natalie Daise communicates on stage and canvas at ARTworks

Natalie Daise is a mother who shares her journey at, an educator who recently presented at the national Head Start conference, a life-long performer and story-teller (including Gullah Gullah Island on Nickelodeon) and a resident artist at ARTworks, where she fills her studio with lush colors, intricately painted furniture, and the exquisite facial expressions of the perhaps-ficticious, potentially-factual people she puts on canvas. On Friday, July 30th, her show Mouth to Hand opens in the gallery and the black box theater at ARTworks in Beaufort Town Center. The public is invited to attend the reception, and the gallery show is free to peruse and enjoy. Her interpretive performances on August 7th and 8th are $15; and 379-2787 for directions and details.
    "It's a one-woman show, in all my various guises," Natalie said. "This is an opportunity for me to be myself, and I am multi-faceted. The stage piece is the origin of all my art. I’m a storyteller, and I’ve moved to the canvas— instead of my spirit and mouth, it’s my spirit and my brush. The series of paintings I just finished are in the genre of the healing arts, and the series is also a different place for me. My thesis in college was storytelling and healing: take a painful experience, turn it into a story and release it. In creating the story, you become more objective, and it also becomes part of the audiences’ experience. It works that way with the paint brush too.”