"Purity" by Katharine Crosby, Gold Key

“Purity” by Katharine Crosby, Gold Key

Beaufort County School District students have won 48 Southeast regional recognitions in the 2021 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition.

There were 34 winners at Hilton Head Island High, 12 at May River High and two at Bluffton High.

The prestigious Scholastic Art & Writing Awards describes itself as the nation’s longest-running recognition program for creative teens and the largest source of scholarships for young artists and writers.  Students in grades 7 through 12 typically submit more than 350,000 works of art and writing in 30 categories.  Winning students earn opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication and scholarships.

The district’s eight top award-winners – Gold Key recipients – advance to judging at the national level.  Silver Key works are judged to demonstrate exceptional ability, and Honorable Mention works are judged to show great skill and potential.

'Blessing' by Alexandra Fisher

‘Blessing’ by Alexandra Fisher, Gold Key

“It’s great to see our students express themselves through various artistic processes,” said Superintendent Frank Rodriguez.  “These 48 awards are a testament to our tremendously talented students and phenomenal art teachers who bring our district’s art programming to life every day.”

Judges evaluate student artwork based on originality, technical skill and the emergence of a personal vision or voice.  Former winners of Scholastic Awards include Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Sylvia Plath and filmmaker Ken Burns.

Gold Key winners from Hilton Head High were Camden Bernstein for “ANYAH” (Photography); Delicia Chisolm for “Miami Florida Vintage Poster” (Digital Art); Katharine Crosby for “Purity” (Photography); Alexandra Fisher for “Blessing” (Drawing and Illustration); and Zachary Stames for “Michelin Ahi 61” (Design).

Gold Key winners from May River High were Kylie Bowes for “Lighting Up the Room” (Photography); Makenzie Rice for “Isolation” (Photography); and Coda Stanley for “Savannah #1” (Photography).

Silver Key winners from Hilton Head High were Camden Bernstein for “DAQUAN” (Photography); Emily Bocialetti for “Blooming Eyes” (Digital Art); Sklyar Bruner for “The Panthéon” (Drawing and Illustration), “Stretched Reality”(Photography), and “Deep Despair” (Photography); Mya Chinchilla for “Space Date” (Mixed Media); Alexandria Fisher for “A Picture Worth a Thousand Words” (Drawing and Illustration), “Resting Position” (Drawing and Illustration), and “Isath” (Painting); Blake Hager for “One Man Show” (Photography); Justin Jiang for “Halloween Paper Cut Out” (Digital Art); and Anna Claire Lemire for “The Abandon Boats” (Photography).

‘Anyah’ by Camden Bernstein, Gold Key

Silver Key winners from May River High were Dianna Doan for “Changes” (Photography) and “Contemplation” (Photography); Jada Sist for “Necessary Accessories” (Drawing & Illustration); and Coda Stanley for “Streets of Savannah” (Art Portfolio). A Silver Key winner from Bluffton High was Rosy Almazan for “Coming to an End” (Painting).

Hilton Head High Honorable Mentions were Mia Berenguer for “Sweet Endings” (Fashion); Camden Bernstein for “Branching Out at Dawn in black and white” (Photography); Skylar Brunder for “Enjoy your Stay” (Photography), “Labyrinth of Knowledge” (Drawing and Illustration), “Portrait” (Drawing and Illustration), and “Piraten van Oorlog” (Drawing and Illustration); Mya Chinchilla for “Nature Beauty” (Photography); Katherine Crosby for “Wrath” (Photography); Ashlynn Fleming for “Ever Green” (Photography); Madison Hall for “Drowning” (Photography) and “All Star” (Photography); Sheila Hobler Ortega for “201 Marshland Road No Park Sign Broken Dock” (Photography); Lance Krepfle for “Eskimo Dream” (Drawing and Illustration); Matt Lashinger for “Crazy Life” (Digital Art); Edy McGoldrick for “Lilies of the Sea” (Mixed Media); Daysi Moreno for “Puebla, Mexico” (Digital Art); and Chloe Wright for “Sunset Marina” (Painting).

May River High Honorable Mentions were Lydia Benson for “Weathered in Worship” (Photography); Bianca Costilla for “Salted Air” (Photography); Diana Doan for “Quiet Strength” (Photography); Makenzie Rice for “Cowboy Stance” (Photography); and Coda Stanley for “Savannah #2” (Photography). An Honorable Mention winner from Bluffton High was Rosy Almazan for “Por Su Futuro” (Painting).