Local Beaufort artist, Richard D. White, along with Dr. Charles Jarrett and Virginia B. Minnix will be together on Saturday, February 16, at the House of Ahhs, 1109 Boundary Street. These three are friends whose ideas and collaborations, have worked together to produce two books. The work Richard D. White illustrates both Doreena Butterfly, a children’s lesson and, Journey to Wholeness, stories gathered from the life experiences of Gullah elders.


    The warm eyes of Richard White engage you immediately. He is the kind of man who has never met a stranger. He is a proud son of Beaufort and a proud Gullah as well. Since 2004, Richard’s work has been shown in over six galleries, in countless shows and has won considerable acclaim. Woodcarvings were his first undertaking. The dimensionality of his layered carvings, beautifully painted and reflecting our coastal lifestyle are unique. Noticed especially by collectors of authentic self-taught Southern art, Richard has actually sold every piece he has shown in some of our local exhibits.
    Dr. Charles Jarrett is what a Gullah would call a “come fa see.” He fell in love with the unique and endangered culture of the SC coastal people of African heritage. We know them as the Gullah people, Dr. Jarrett decided the rest of the world should know about this special heritage also. Professor Jarrett teaches sociology and psychology at Ohio University. His expertise is in rural sociology; his calling is to teach social diversity and cultural enrichment. Dr. Jarrett’s novel, Journey to Wholeness, is based on the his life experiences in speaking with Gullah elders. The respect and possibly even awe that Dr. Jarrett feels for the Gullah way of life is illustrated by Richard White.
    Richard White and Charles Jarrett met on Hilton Head Island at an art show. Such a warm friendship evolved that Dr. Jarrett asked Richard to do the nine drawings for his novel. Richard drew on his memory and some of his previous work; in addition, he did three new originals specifically for Journey to Wholeness. These originals will be shown on Saturday, February 16,  when the House of Ahhs hosts both author and artist for a book signing and exhibit.
    It is wonderful to live in a community where talented people from all over the United States come to call home. Our life in the lowcountry is enriched by the wealth of ideas and talent they bring to us. Virginia B. Minnix, after a career in banking, settled into life in Beaufort County, and so her ideas come into our lives. A published poet and short story writer, Ms. Minnix turned her hand to children’s literature, asked her publisher to suggest an illustrator and Richard White was the man he recommended. Another friendship was born, a writer and an artist, from entirely different backgrounds, coming together over ideas. Doreena Butterfly is a beautifully illustrated and delightfully poetic picture book for beginning readers.
    Richard D. White, Dr. Charles Jarrett and Ms. Virginia Minnix look forward to meeting the folks of Beaufort at their book signing and exhibit at the House of Ahhs, Saturday February 16th, from 1 to 5. All of Richard’s illustrations, originals and prints, will be available. Both books, Journey to Wholeness and Dorenna Butterfly will also be on sale. Come join us and enjoy a piping hot cup of Gullah Pot Beaufort Blend Coffee.

    For information contact the House of Ahhs, 1109 Boundary Street, Beaufort, SC, 843-379-1800.