SOBA-MastersCollageThe Society of Bluffton Artists will offer two sessions of Kids Art Camp this summer, with instructor Pat Diemand, for kids ages 8-12. Each session will be held at the SOBA Center for Creative Arts, located next door to the SOBA Gallery at 8 Church Street in Bluffton.  There are 2 one-week sessions, Monday through Friday, 9 – 11 am.

The theme this year will be Art with the Masters; the children will not only do a fun and creative project but they will also be exposed to the art of different Master artists through the ages and work in their same style. Below is a schedule of which artist or theme will occupy each day and a brief description of the day’s activity:

Session I      June 20 – 24  $100/WEEK – Scholarships available

Mon. 6/20      George Seurat – explore Pointillism using Q-Tips and paint.

Tues. 6/21     Henri Matisse – students will create cut paper pictures in the style of Matisse.

Wed. 6/22     Leonardo DaVinci – “Invention Convention” (3-D project) Working in pairs, students will discover DaVinci’s ingenious ideas as they invent a new machine for the 21st century.

Thurs. 6/23     Marc Chagall – daydream pictures. Students will explore the concept of Surrealism that Chagall portrayed in his work.

Fri. 6/24         Vincent Van Gogh – Students will learn about Van Gogh’s style of using swirling lines in his works of art and produce a “masterpiece” of their own.

Session II    July 11-15  $100/WEEK – Scholarships available

Mon. 7/11      Piet Mondrian – Examine the world of Mondrian and create a picture in his style using geometric shapes and primary colors.

Tues. 7/12     Georgia O’Keefe – Students will make large scale paintings of flowers that mimic the art of this famous artist.

Wed. 7/13     Wassily Kandinsky – Investigate the world of color and how it relates to emotion. Students will create an oil pastel picture while listening to music.

Thurs. 7/14     Claude Monet – Students will draw an original landscape in the style of Monet.

Fri. 7/15          Greek Pottery Designs – Students will be introduced to the designs of ancient Greek pottery and the use of geometric and organic shapes in making ordered Patterns

Reservations must be made in advance. To register, visit or call 843-247-2868.