Margaret2017webBy Margaret Evans, Editor

One morning last week, I woke up with some thoughts barking in my brain, running around in circles, begging to be unleashed. So I sat down at my computer and dashed out the following on Facebook:

         For those who tread lightly in an era of stomping . . .
         For those who whisper questions in an era of loud certainty . . .
         For those who write complete sentences in an era of hashtags…
         For those who see facets, not just facades . . .
         For those who say “on the other hand” . . .
         For those who ask “but what if I’m wrong?” . . .
         For those who recognize absurdity, especially their own . . .
         For those who see through a glass darkly, and know it . . .
         For those who can laugh through their tears . . .
         For the quiet, curious, disturbed, bemused, thoughtful, unsure,         hopeful, saddened, elated, complicated ones . . .
         I give thanks.

So. That little litany of thanksgiving was just a passing fancy, a quick shot of emotion splattered onto my FB page in about three minutes – as opposed to the three days I typically spend dabbling on this column. And you know what? That passing fancy got more “hearts” and “shares” and comments than almost anything I’ve ever written.

         (In the year 2018, people like things short and sweet. Preferably in list form. Or better yet, just give ‘em a video.)

         One of my FB friends added this comment to my list: “For those who see the forest AND the trees.”

         I heartily agreed with her sentiment, and I liked the word play, so I decided to expand the list here, this time with a nod to common clichés, platitudes, and generally overused, under-examined expressions. People seem to like those, too, in 2018. Saves time on thinking.

         Cliches become clichés because they tend to be true. Or at least true-ish. But just like every rose has its thorn, every cliché has its caveat.

         So without further ado, here’s Passing Fancy: Part 2:


         For those who mind their manners, but don’t mind everybody else’s.

         For those who check their privilege, but don’t tell you to check yours.

         For those who don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater, but never forget how the bathwater got dirty in the first place.

         For those who don’t judge a book by its cover, but still appreciate a good cover.

         For those who aren’t afraid to speak out, but believe speaking in – i.e. privately – is often more effective.

         For those who won’t be fooled again, unless they’re fools for love.

         For those who don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but don’t feel compelled to ride it much, either.

         For those who turn the other cheek, but are still fairly cheeky.

         For those who believe that all the world’s a stage, and aren’t afraid to go totally off-script sometimes.

         For those who don’t suffer fools gladly, but will suffer with them, sadly.

         For those who hope that everything happens for a reason, but don’t presume to know exactly what it is.

         For those who know there’s nothing new under the sun, but are always searching for it anyway.

         For those who believe in the saying “no justice, no peace,” but suspect the opposite may be true, as well.

         For those who embrace the Latin phrase “Carpe Diem!” and know that it sometimes translates to “Netflix Binge!”  

         For those who don’t call themselves “woke” because they’re still waking up and hope they always will be.

         For those who believe a picture is worth a thousand words, but that words set to music give pictures a run for their money.

         For those who won’t be taken for a ride, unless it’s a joy ride.

         For those who fully endorse Truth and Justice, but have a few quibbles with The American Way.

         For those who tolerate political correctness, but prefer good, old-fashioned kindness.

         For those who never understood the saying “beauty is only skin deep.”

         For those who say “for the birds” and mean it as a compliment.

         For those who preach “everything in moderation,” including moderation.

         For those who believe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but go through lots of candles while they’re waiting to see it.

         For those who believe good things come to those who wait, but also to those who jump the gun.

         For those who know “love means never having to say you’re sorry” is pure, unadulterated hogwash.

        And once more, for good measure: For the quiet, curious, disturbed, bemused, thoughtful, unsure, hopeful, saddened, elated, complicated ones . . .
         I give thanks.