Sutty NewHeadshot“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me…” 

            Why am I quoting Psalms 23:4? Wholly Holistics is all about highlighting different perspectives, especially about things that many mumble by memory because the rest of the flock is doing so.

How many of you really think about this sort of thing in its many facets? What if the evil mentioned in this passage is you and me and potentially everyone we meet? I mean, if you think about any given day, it’s actually over 7 billion different days that are happening all at once for all of Earth’s residents. One person could give another person a wonderfully angelic version and a moment later, that same individual gives another individual the devil. For the sake of this argument, let’s remove the fact that some personalities are naturally more abrasive and pricklier than others; some are just downright sadistic. Not all of us were blessed with social skills, or other baser skills that should be shared. Just as we all, regardless of gender, have varying amounts of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine. We all have varying amounts of a**hole. I will digress by posing the question: Are those that are well-versed in the art of passive-aggression with a honey-sweet, bless-her-heart tone, more toxic than the obvious d-bag we all know and avoid?

            My overriding point is whether we like to admit it or not, we all have said version of “he, that shall remain unnamed” slithering around inside us. Furthermore, I suspect, if we are being honest with ourselves, we also have the vigilante version within us that’s going to show Voldemort what’s right with extreme prejudice. (In my case, it’s definitely extreme as creative as I am.) Those meanies deserve more than an eye for an eye so they can see the error of their ways, do they not? See what I did there?

            Much as I loathe to admit it, we need the shadows. “Send love to your enemies,” a favorite “student” of mine once told me. Boy, was she right on so many levels. Our thoughts can often be our worst enemies, imprisoning us for as long as we allow ourselves not to go before the parole board of meditation; as long as we neglect to send love to the person who needs it the most, the only person that can grant a reprieve, grant a pardon – the man in the mirror. It’s all very instructive, is it not? The patience and self-discipline required for one’s self is the ultimate self-love. 

            As to how long we need said d-bags in our lives, hearts, and minds ultimately resides within. This doesn’t necessarily mean these people are physically removed from our lives, as nice as that would be. That’s the way it works on the other side of the thin, opaque veil. All love and unicorns there. Our souls incarnate here, to this 3D world, for the conflict and contrast. That said, when our internals come into alignment with the universal truth of love, we respond rather than react. We can learn how to observe our thoughts rather than being controlled and cajoled by their whims that will always be needy for more of whatever brain candy beckons us. We bring “Heaven down to Earth” when we have the realization that we are not our thoughts. We are more than our thoughts and the sum thereof. “Luminous beings, are we,” says Master Yoda. It’s just a matter of remembering to forget the learned behavior of being seduced by every thought that comes to mind. This is daily practice and it’s worth it. You cannot put a price on peace of mind.

            This is a natural segue to bring to light a concept floated around the Woo Woo World. That is the concept of the 3D Earth giving way to 5D’s Heaven on Earth. A utopia, so-to-speak, where we leave behind such buga-boos like grief, rage, and neglect. Not that I think 5D Earth is crap, but it never resonated because the concept is being taken too literally by those that scoff at religions for being mindless. Be careful when thou dost protest too much. I trust we can all draw our own conclusions about the potential apocalyptic chaos that can ensue when certain things aren’t taken as the metaphors they were meant to be. When concepts that were “downloaded” into certain individuals are adapted and spouted by the masses rather than causing them to look within, to confirm what complies with an individual soul’s mission or dismiss what insults the heart.

            It’s all internal! Back to the d-bags. What are they highlighting in our lives? Start with the enemy within. Send love to your harsh, unlovable ways. Think “that guy” is crazy? Be honest with yourself about what you’d really do to those who “deserve” what karma has in store for them if you thought you could get away with not having Beaufort County called on you and there’s your answer. So send love to the contemptable one within; the guy who loves to kill flies with buckshot. This is the “New Earth” and we build it one person at a time, starting with ourselves. This is a daily thing rather than something that will enrapture us all at the stroke of midnight.

            This is actually nothing fancy, just meditation in its many forms. Give your best to yourself in 2020.