wholly katherine selfieIn 1968 young ‘Stones Mick Jagger and Keith Richards penned what eventually became Rolling Stone magazine’s 100th greatest song of all times, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want.” But thanks to the power of manifesting, maybe you can, as long as you embrace what the other half of the British Invasion assured, “All you need is love.”

First, a few questions – Are you pleased with your life as it is? Are you living your dream? Is there anything you’d like to change big time, or maybe even just tweak a bit? Maybe a job, a relationship, your financial status, or an attitude? Sorry, but winning the lottery is a stretch. Get real with your desires and read on.

When actor Jim Carrey first moved to California, armed with dreams of becoming a movie star, he used to drive to Hollywood, park his car on a street lined with enormous, multi-million-dollar mansions and picture himself living in one. This was before he became a wildly-successful household name. Obviously, he knows about the power of manifesting.

Simply put, manifesting is getting what you want. Creating a life you love. Because your thoughts and energy create your reality, the process is doable. It just takes practice, belief and love, baby. Here’s how.

Identify your desire(s).

I first “found” Beaufort while sailing down the ICW in 1999 and immediately fell for this South Carolina Lowcountry gem. After residing as a winter part-timer, I fled Kentucky’s spring ice storms for the land of year-round blooms. Before moving, I decided to try my hand at manifesting a southern abode. I made a list of what my dream house would look like, including a sunny exposure, plus 11 other specifics. Though it took a few months to locate this home, the minute I walked in, I knew it was the one. Unfortunately, I forgot a garage, so my CRV turned bright green during pine pollen season, an issue I’ve remedied in my second home.

Be specific about what you want. Make a list of its properties. Don’t use ambiguous language. Don’t leave anything out. This is especially important if you’re manifesting a partner!

Start small.

Back in the days of low-tech, I was an ad rep for a thoroughbred horse publication. As usual, I was on deadline and a client who worked at the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort wanted to final check the layout for an ad. I had to drop it off on a Monday morning and wait for his okay. “Good luck finding a parking place,” my editor said and laughed, assuming I wouldn’t.

A friend who had just introduced me to the concept of manifesting said I might start with creating a parking spot, especially in a place where finding one would be unlikely. As I approached my destination, my wipers slapped at a seeming Niagara Falls pouring down my windshield. The State Capitol. Monday morning. In a rainstorm. No shot of finding a space to stow my car, even briefly. But what the hey, I thought. Let’s give it a try.

I turned into the semi-circle directly in front of the venerable building and through sheets of rain, saw, as expected, cars parked wall-to-wall.

“Assume you can accomplish the impossible,” he’d instructed.

Though it was a stretch, I said aloud, with as much belief as I could muster, “I know there’s a great parking place here for me.” I pulled up feelings of lightheartedness, joy, and expectation that by some miracle, a spot would appear out of the ethers. And just as I approached the area closest to the building’s front door, a black Mercedes pulled away from the curb in front of me, leaving its prime location to whip my little Honda into. Marveling, I thought, What are the odds? This manifesting stuff works.

Hone your manifesting skills by practicing on little, ordinary things.

Energize your belief.

A number of years ago, a fortune cookie surprised me with the message “God just wants us to be happy.” That tiny slip of paper is Scotch-Taped to my mirror so that I marvel anew daily at its wisdom.

Understand that this is not about any specific religious belief but about spirituality. It’s about the joy that bubbles up from your heart when you behold sun crystals dancing on Lowcountry water; a spring breeze whispering life into a sailboat zipping wing-and-wing down the Beaufort River; a baby giggling at the wonder of his own toes; a fisherman on the Spanish Moss Trail reeling in a flopping, silver supper; a buyer for a piece of art you’ve created; or the crack of a bat when your boy drives in his first home run. Chances are you’ve experienced at least one of those. Feel free to add your own to the list.

Re-visit that warm, man-I’m-so-happy and allow it to fill you when settling in to manifest your goal(s). Like Jim Carrey did, imagine how having exactly what you want will feel. Visualize what your life will look like, then tap your heart for those feelings of pure love described above and pump them into your desires.

Got a scary interview that stands between you and the job you’ve dreamed of ? Create the perfect scenario between you and your interviewer. Think about how you’ll feel, full of excitement at the prospect of being paid to do what you love. Think about how she’ll feel, amazed that she’s found the perfect candidate for the job. Think about how pleased you’ll both feel by the end of the interview. Now add that love. Repeat as many times as necessary to walk into your interview with confidence.

Step into your power and move away from fears that block your dreams. Start manifesting.

“So many of us choose our path out of fear disguised as practicality,” Carrey said recently. “You can fail at what you don’t want. So you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.”