You’ve always wanted to golf in Scotland or Ireland. You want to perfect that cast for fly fishing. You channel Julia Childs in your kitchen when you’re cooking. You raced small sailboats as a child but long to now sail a larger one in an exotic locale.

Why not take what you love to do and plan your next vacation around it? Here are some ideas that might lend themselves to your next getaway.


CULINARY: How about a cooking class in Italy? Italy, a country of great diversity, is made up of twenty provinces, each with its own unique personality. Dialect, customs, traditions, architecture and of course, food and wine, vary greatly from region to region. From the hot, dry south to the cool alpine foothills, the regional cuisines are as varied as the climates. Many tours feature accommodations at wonderful hotels; visits to local markets and wineries; cooking classes to both prepare and then dine on the food; and outings that combine visits to local shops and attractions coupled with dining at local restaurants. So grab your il grembuile and let’s cuocere!


SAILING: Sail to powered, bareboat to crewed, from Bali to Barcelona to the BVI, vessels of all sizes await you as their navigator and/or captain to explore their area of the world. There is nothing more relaxing than sailing across the turquoise waters of the Caribbean with only the sound of the wind rushing across the deck and through the sails. You cruise into a small port and enjoy island life up close and personal as only this type of sailing will allow. You “set the hook” in a small cove for the evening and watch the stars dance overhead, with the water lapping at the hull and lulling you to sleep. Paradise found.


MULTI-SPORT: Adventure tours are offering a much greater variety of activities because people are demanding more than just the usual. Many travelers today want something different, something exciting, something that gets their juices flowing and speeds up the heart rate. The growth in adventure travel stems from the desire for excitement with an increasing number of people staying active longer.

“In general, the sports travel market is getting older & younger at the same time. There are younger people who are naturally physically able to do these things and are suddenly getting interested in them” and at the same time “older people are staying healthier longer and wanting to do active trips.” * Some of the best known companies specializing in this type of travel feature hiking, biking, walking, kayaking, surfing, rafting, ice climbing and more separately or in combinations. Get outdoors!


BEER & PUB TOURS: Beer has never been more popular than now, and brewery and pub tours give you an opportunity to enjoy great companionship while discovering an area’s culture and history. Beer festivals and tours are becoming increasingly popular additions to a vacation, especially with groups of friends who travel together. You no longer need to separate your holiday time into culture and entertainment. Beer tours come in many forms, from tasting exotic brews at a small pub to tours of large breweries, or even full scale beer festivals. There is something to tickle the taste buds of all beer enthusiasts. For example, many cities in Europe have organized “pub crawls” (“pub” being a shortened form of the term “public house,” indicating a tavern licensed to sell alcohol) that use the atmosphere of the pubs as a way to meet new friends and introduce patrons to new bars. The most famous of all the pub crawls may be the Dublin Literary Pub Crawl, themed around the haunts of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and Brendan Behan. These highly festive occasions are led by professional actors performing the works of the writers in various pub venues around the city. A reminder: Beer outside the United States often contains a higher alcohol concentration, so enjoy in moderation or suffer the consequences! So with that in mind, go soak up some local culture!


You can probably think of as many different types of “themes” as there are interests. Maybe a knitting group getaway on a cruise ship for a long weekend. How about golfing in Scotland combined with visits to the local distilleries? Or, a faith-based vacation to explore the roots of your faith, walk in the footsteps of your spiritual leaders, and have your most cherished beliefs come to life. Whatever your choice, put yours into play for your next vacation… your travel consultant can help!


*source: Travel Trade


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