headshot-ianhartThe subject I’m going to discuss, I could go on for days and days about. It’s something that is near and dear to my heart because I have been directly affected by it, and so have over 50% of Americans. This issue has caused hospitalizations, permanent health issues, even death, to hundreds of thousands of people, and the numbers keep growing.

Every day there are advertisements on TV for these things that have become the topic of humor, for some – because the consequences of introducing these products to your body can be so devastating, it’s a wonder people would take them at all. If you haven’t figured it out already, I am talking about prescription medication. I just watched a commercial online for anti-arthritis medication that was one minute and 30 seconds long. Forty seconds of the commercial was actually about the product and a whopping 50 seconds was dedicated to the side effects and how it can cause all these horrible outcomes that can lead to death.

The truth is that scientists and the FDA never fully understand what these medications are going to do to people in the long term. One, because the studies have not been going on long enough – as we have seen with the massive, ongoing class action law suits related to numerous medications. And two, because everyone’s chemical make-up is completely different, so one blanket drug will not work the same on everyone. Last year a diabetes drug called Mediator, which was used as an appetite suppressant, was taken off the market because of its alleged responsibility for over 500 deaths by damaging its users’ heart valves.

Don’t you find it weird that “experts” are quick to dish out medications that can cause major, adverse health effects when there are better, all-natural alternatives? There is a valid concern that the economic benefit of the companies and organizations pushing these drugs far outweighs their public health interest. So what price tag do you put on your health?

People who have been on blood pressure or cholesterol medication for years come in to train at our facility, and within a few months of training, their blood test results are at a point where they no longer need the medication. They were never made aware that the remedy could be that simple. Shouldn’t the first prescription from a health professional be for an all-natural alternative or a personalized fitness program? Exercise can be more powerful than anti-depressants, anti-anxiety medications, and so many other “fixes.” And guess what? The side effects of training are weight and fat loss, a stronger, more lean and toned body, better skin, reduced effects of osteoporosis and arthritis, lower blood pressure, improved cholesterol numbers, more confidence and self-esteem, more energy, and just an overall better feeling. All I am saying is that medication should be the last resort unless you have a serious risk factor that is much greater than the immediate or unknown future side effects.


Make sure you have done these 7 things before you opt to take medication:


1)  Eaten 100% healthy for at least 2 months (natural fruits and vegetables, lean meat, no fast food, no fried foods)

2)  Worked out at least 3x a week for at least 45 minutes at a time of continuous movement, for at least 3 months consistently, keeping your heart rate above 130 bpm

3)  Eliminated alcohol or nicotine and any other harmful chemical from your body for longer than 2 months

4)  Eliminated preservatives, food dyes, pesticides, soda (yes, even diet soda) from your diet.

5)  Made amends with people you have harmed or have harmed you (it is really important to do this to eliminate anxiety and depression)

6)  Allowed daily alone time for prayer or meditation or any decompression method to reduce stress (even if it’s for 10 minutes a day). This is a proven method to help lower blood pressure.

7)  Written in a food journal to track what foods adversely affect your body (food can be a major culprit affecting your body)


Let’s stop being a pill popping society because:


.            We have yet to see the true generational side effects and by constantly taking pills, we are attempting to take short cuts (and we should all know that there is no such thing as a short cut).


.            As pills become our first option for every small issue, we are becoming addicted (Note: Prescription medication abuse has surpassed illegal drug use).


.            We are usually not addressing the real issue. Rather, we’re just putting a band-aid over the problem by popping a pill. Let’s fix the real problems first!


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