garden-mushroomThe Beaufort Garden Club’s 21st Annual Garden-a-Day event takes place the week of June 8-12. Every day, rain or shine from 9:30-12:30, take a leisurely stroll through a lovely private garden, guided by local Master Gardeners.

Monday features two gardens. The garden on Prince St. boasts a perennial garden bordering a croquet pitch. Beside the guesthouse a collection of plumeria soften the landscape. Also, a 200-year-old cedar and a 100 year old pecan tree shade an area consisting of ferns, azaleas, tea olives and hydrangea.

On the corner of Washington St. and Carteret you’ll find an ivy covered brick wall surrounding many exquisite antique camellia bushes. Sit on one of the benches overlooking garden-koi-ponda reflection pool to enjoy a quiet moment in your tour. Included are many antique garden treasures.

Tuesday’s garden is in Walling Grove Plantation on the Coosaw River. The homeowner describes herself as “a person who loves to play in soil.” Many oaks along with camellias, gardenias and hydrangeas fill the landscape.

Wednesday places the tour in the Royal Pines area where this lovely garden features a Koi pond for both its beauty and tranquility. The garden is ever expanding as the owners experiment with local vegetation.

Saint Helena Island is the location for Thursday’s garden tour. The owners, originally from Cambodia, cleared the land, which “looked like a lost jungle,” by themselves. They have multiple specific garden areas: a fragrant garden, butterfly garden, shady area plantings, succulents, vegetables/herb space, and a coleus area.

Friday features “the Castle” on Craven St. View a magnificent historic house on the Beaufort River in The Point. Towering oaks along with a rope swing bring thoughts of southern belles and hooped skirts. The garden has been refurbished and has a formal look. It is surrounded by a living jasmine fence and also features a former outdoor kitchen converted into a cozy garden space.

Garden a Day Week
June 8-12
9:30-12:30– RAIN OR SHINE!      

Mon. June 8      
801 Prince St, Beaufort
705 Washington St, Beaufort

Tues. June 9
130 Old Plantation Dr. East, Beaufort

 Wed. June 10
19 Wade Hampton Dr., Lady’s Island

Thurs. June 11
11 Molly Hill Rd, St. Helena  

Fri. June 12
411 Craven St, Beaufort