fashion-grannyHowdy Fashionistas,


FASHIONGRANNY recently received an email asking me to define the words FASHION and FASHIONISTA. Even though these definitions are readily available in the dictionary, I took this three-part question (yes, there’s more), addressed to me, as an opportunity for personal definition by FASHIONGRANNY. What do I think Fashion is?

The third part of the question was: Do I think anybody really gives a hoot about Fashion anymore… am I not wasting my time writing about this topic in a country where people are going to wear what they want to wear anyhow?

First of all, let me publicly thank the writer, as a little bit of the third part of your question has been answered by you! Since FASHIONGRANNY writes a fashion column, the fact that you read it tells me that, Yes, people are still interested in fashion, fashion commentary, and fashion advice. Yet I hear the reader loud and clear. When you look around at all the various styles and modes of dress today, you could wonder whether some care… and whether it’s just a fashion free for all. Free!

Only in America!

Anyone who reads my column should be able to tell that FASHIONGRANNY is from the “Old School.” What does that mean? Well, what it doesn’t mean is that I am “old fashioned,” incapable of change, or condemning when it comes to creative dressing.

What it does mean is that however you care to express your inner style – and blast it on the outside for the entire world to see – there are two things you need: common sense and a mirror!

Let me take you back in Style for a moment. It wasn’t so long ago that ladies’ underpinnings (underwear) had either blood-flow-stopping rubber in them or stiff cuttle fish bones sewn in the seams to help define the shape of a woman, ultimately shaping the look of the outer garment.

Brassieres had bones on the sides for form, heavy metal hook and eye closures, and near skin piercing rubber straps. Panties and Slips had hook and eye, button or zipper closures. Girdles? Talk about suffering for beauty! You could barely walk let alone breathe! There were garters of more rubber and steel for your silk or nylon seamed stockings that pressed against your thighs until deep indentations remained. By the time you dressed in your undergarments you were out of breath, a few pounds heavier, in pain, but… you were guaranteed by the manufacturer that your outerwear would be model perfect! This was Fashion?

If you took those same undergarments and placed them in today’s society, our “Fashion” would be to wear what should be under, over!

Bustiers and lacy sheer slip-like things posing as outerwear? Now that’s just not common sense! Ripped fishnets and thong panties brazenly gawking from sausage casing jeans? Now tell me somebody looked in the mirror? Wearing mismatched, rumpled “I don’t care” rags under the guise of “casual”? Come on people; who you foolin’? My column’s purpose is to right what has been wronged.

The definition of Fashion is,”a popular trend, especially in styles of dress, ornament or behavior.” FASHIONGRANNY’s column puts the accent on the behavior!

The definition of Fashionista is “a devoted follower of Fashion.” FASHIONGRANNY says: to follow any popular trend without first considering the behavior, or the consulting the mirror, is to do yourself an injustice.

Do I think anybody “gives a hoot” about Fashion anymore? Yes I do! I believe every fairly civilized human being on Earth wears clothes indicating who they are, who they want to be, and who they want you to think they are. Fashion is telling your inner story without words. Ever hear the statement, “It’s written all over your face”? How about, it’s written all over your Bod!

Since writing this column, friends and folks I never met – who strangely enough recognize me from my photo (that’s scary!) – are always apologizing for the way they look when they see me out and about, as though I am critiquing them right there on the spot.

Hey! I know what time it is! I know you don’t wear church clothes to run an errand! I also know you don’t wear errand clothes to attend church! If your Fashion tells your story, make it a good read, that’s all I’m sayin’!

In the immortal words of Ice Cube, “Check yourself before you wreck yourself!” and keep those cards and letters coming!


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