Iris Jackson & Sheila Saunders

Back on tour in the Beaufort area, author/educator Iris Jackson is offering a new Spring hike-workshop on Friday, March 22nd at 4:30pm. This visit takes Telling Trails to Port Royal, where attendees will be treated to indoor and outdoor stories, walking from waterfront to wetland.

Put on your hiking shoes and allow your creative side to shine in Port Royal. You will find many beautiful things throughout town, coupled with nature’s surprises down by the shore. Certainly something to add to your schedule.

Beginning with a book talk at The Gas Lantern Apothecary, workshop participants will be introduced to the Telling Trails method of sharing and writing, with ideas to express one’s creativity. Partnering with Gas Lantern Apothecary in Port Royal (703 Paris Ave.), proprietor Sheila Saunders will describe helpful practices, herbal remedies, and natural sources.

“The Gas Lantern is a soft space to land and a place to get into the heart of spiritual practices

Gas Lantern Apothecary

without the fluff or smoke and mirrors,” says shop owner Saunders. Through sharing information about medicinal herbs and apothecaries available at her unique shop, Sheila says, “I welcome everyone, without judgment, no matter the path they walk.” Both Sheila and Iris hope to inspire you to put a regular creative and mindful indoor/outdoor activity into your weekly schedule.

After visiting The Gas Lantern, participants will take a Telling Trails trip to the waterside. Utilizing her hike-workshop format,

Iris invites everyone to join on a journey to Cypress Wetlands rookery where you will see shore birds of all sorts, be able to check out the turtles on rocks in the water, and enjoy the gorgeous trees and plant life. Make sure to watch out for a possible gator sighting as well. Your experience in this beautiful natural environment gives you the opportunity to experience the feel of nature and make greater mind/body connections. You’ll soon find your own Telling Trails creations coming to life.

Get in touch with your inner self before the burnout begins. Come out and be creative, making a hike part of your regular routine. Combining physical activities with creative endeavors is not just unique and fun, but necessary for a healthy mind, body and spirit. Whether coming along to share something new, explore the beauty in nature, or kick-off a great weekend, join the Telling Trails tour on Friday March 22nd.

Recently published, Telling Trails will help you express your thoughts, share with someone special – or provide inspiration to get out and start moving – on a thoughtful hiking journey. Copies of Telling Trails will be available for purchase at the hike, at The Gas Lantern, or from your favorite local bookshop.

So add Friday March 22nd at 4:30pm to your schedule. Meet Iris, Sheila and some new friends at The Gas Lantern Apothecary, 703 Paris Ave, Port Royal, to walk and talk toward your most healthy future. For book and hike information, visit or call The Gas Lantern Apothecary at 843-612-0140.