roseanne-ride-marinesHave you ever wondered how you might celebrate you 70th birthday? How about riding a bicycle over 2,000 miles, from one end of the Mississippi River to the other, to raise money to support our U.S. Marines in harm’s way?

That’s exactly what Roseanne Adams, the wife of one of the Moss Creek Marine Veterans, plans to do during the month of May. Dedicating her ride to her long time friend and Marine Veteran Thereasa “Tres” Lynn Polet, Roseanne will start in New Orleans, LA and finish in Itasca State Park, just outside Minneapolis, MN, all in an effort to raise money by gaining sponsors from all across the country. One hundred percent of all money raised will go to support our Marines in Afghanistan, through the Moss Creek Marines’ “Operation Adopt A Combat Unit.”

Here’s what Roseanne had to say about her trip:

“When I took my first bicycle tour, through the Outer Banks of North Carolina in 2003, I was hooked. Fortunately, I had found WomanTours on that first trip, and I proceeded to take about 10 more tours with them – everything from circumnavigating the Big Island of Hawaii, Natchez Trace, Washington, DC, & Cape Cod, with a few others thrown in. Over the years, while perusing their catalog, I was taken by the Meandering Mississippi tour, which is offered only every few years. I finally decided I would take the 5 weeks necessary, and give myself that tour for my 70th birthday in 2012. Last year, my husband Pete chaired the Golf Tournament committee of Moss Creek Marines, their large fundraiser of the year. Everybody in Moss Creek Marines was working very hard to make it the success it became. One day as I was riding, a light bulb came on over my head, and it occurred to me that people raise money for their causes by doing projects similar to my 2000 mile bicycle trip. After all, it’s a little unusual, in the scheme of things, for a 70-year-old woman to do this, and perhaps I could raise awareness that They’re Still There, our Marines, in harm’s way, as well as raise funds for our mission of supporting them. Moss Creek Marines graciously accepted my offer, and away we go.”

The Moss Creek Marines are a small group of Marine veterans; Navy Corpsmen who have served with various Marine units; and spouses of deceased Marines. They currently have 37 members and are based in Moss Creek Plantation, on Hilton Head.

Through “Operation Adopt A Combat Unit” the Moss Creek Marines are intent on keeping the esprit d’ corps of the United States Marine Corps alive in comradeship and support of fellow Marines, in particular to raise funds to aid and honor the service of deployed Marines in combat, or critically wounded, in Afghanistan and Iraq and their families, by adopting these Marines and bringing a little bit of home to them, by sending them packages of personal, comfort, and fun items to make life more bearable. To date the Moss Creek Marines have adopted more then 27,100 Marines, serving in 61 combat units in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To show your appreciation and support for the service of the fine young men and women serving our country in harm’s way, sponsor Roseanne Adams in her “Ride For The Marines” by making a secure donation at

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