Health. Wellness. Life. These are three very familiar words that have quite an impact on our everyday. How is your health? Are you well? Are you living the best life you can?

We humans are funny beings. We go through peaks and valleys of focus, myself included, when it comes to so many things. We are seasonal, it seems, in regard to our interest in our health. We feast at times and starve during others. We make resolutions in the New Year to finally take off those pounds or stop a certain bad habit – or maybe even start a new, positive one. With spring upon us, there’s a rush to be “bathing suit” ready. None of these are bad things, but wouldn’t it be more effective if we were consistently, well, consistent? We should be making every day count. We should consider our whole being – all the time.

Let’s start with the mind (you know where I’m headed – mind, body soul). It’s exciting to think of how accessible change is. There are a zillion self help resources out there –if only someone would help us help ourselves, right? All kidding aside, one resource I’d love to pass on is Susan Hyatt is a renowned Master Certified Life Coach and has so many effective ways to help you be the very best you that you can and to make the life you want accessible. The mind is a powerful thing!

Regarding the body, there are gyms, training centers and yoga studios around us that are ready to strengthen our muscles and our overall power. As a former nurse I can honestly say that exercise is vital to our vitals! By strength training, we can not only achieve stronger muscles, but also stronger bones. Through yoga, strength, flexibility, power and restoration can be attained. We also happen to live in amazing Beaufort, where there are miles of endless beauty that encourage us to be active outside in a multitude of ways. An active participant in the organic way of life, I can vouch for true, distinct change in the way my body looks and feels and every day, at Herban Marketplace, we hear from people who say the very same thing!

Now the soul is a bit trickier, as we can’t feed it organic food, or ask it to do a few pushups. We can however, work with our senses to relax and be present. A laugh, a warm hug and kindness toward your own heart will go a long way. Consider pampering your senses through aromatherapy. Considered the ultimate gift of nature, essential oils are aromatic oils derived from plants. We carry a lot of aromatherapy options in the store and they stimulate your senses like nothing else! They can help decrease anxiety, increase relaxation and promote feelings of peace.

With the bloom of Spring time flowers comes the opportunity for renewal. We hope you’ll take a moment and reevaluate you day to day. Are you living the best life you can? We hope so. If not, let us know how we can help.

Greta Lynne owns Herban Marketplace at 1211 Newcastle Street, Newcastle Square. Contact her at (843)379-5550, or visit