resolution-jill-weaverThe New Year is right around the corner and it is time again to dream about the changes you aspire to make in your life.  Be it health, wealth, relationships or lifestyle, each year New Year’s resolutions are set with the greatest of intentions.  Unfortunately, by the middle of February they are often long gone and forgotten.

With the right tools, you can be successful in all that you strive to accomplish.  Follow this five step process as a simple guide on how to achieve your dreams.  Make this year the year that you write your novel, train for a marathon or simply spend more time with your spouse.  The act of setting resolutions or goals is free, simple, and in a short amount of time will provide amazing results.

First, it is important that your resolutions reflect your values and intentions.  Try focusing on the goals you ‘want’ to accomplish and not necessarily the goals you feel you ‘should’ accomplish.  By personally committing to your resolutions, it will be easier to find the determination and focus to help you stay the course and achieve your dreams.

Secondly, well-written goals are important so you can establish exactly what you want and how you are going to get there.  When you begin writing your goals, be very specific about what you want, never assume anything, and write down every aspect of your dreams.  Also, be sure to include measurable benchmarks within each resolution so that it is more specific and helps you to monitor your progress along the way.  For example, do you want to lose 5 pounds or 50 pounds this year?  Do you want to publish one novel or a series of novels?  Each goal has a very different outcome depending on that benchmark.  Additionally, your goals should be achievable and not too difficult or over-the-top.  On the same note, you want your resolutions to be challenging and realistic. If you make your goals too easy then you minimize your accomplishment, so stretch yourself and think about all the amazing possibilities available to you.  It is also essential to set a deadline for your resolutions so you have a finish line to work towards.  Anyone can lose 7 pounds in a year.  How about losing 7 pounds in a month? This goal is much more realistic and achievable as a result of change in the deadline. Finally, it is important to add a level of enthusiasm to your goals.  Adding enthusiasm paints a vivid picture of not only what you want to accomplish but how you will feel when you capture that dream.  These six elements used together will help create well thought out resolutions that you can and want to achieve.

Now that you have the basics for goal writing, it is time to put pen to paper.  To be successful in goal setting, it is important to write down your goals.  Not only do you want to write them down but also post them in a place where you can see them every day.   Put them in your planner, your wallet or even on your bathroom mirror.  Another technique is to display pictures of your goals so you can be reminded of what you are working towards at a glance.  Refer to your goals regularly to keep your decision-making based on what you are trying to accomplish.  Choosing if you will work out tonight or go to the movies, depends if your goal is to train for a marathon or spend more time with your spouse.  Having goals gives you a focus and helps you to decide how to make your time valuable and worthwhile as you work toward your dreams.

Along the way, it is also important to allow yourself to adjust your resolutions as life events happen.  In January you may think that one thing is important and by May things may have drastically changed in your life.  So give yourself some flexibility and adjust your goals to reflect your changing priorities while still holding onto the dream.

Finally, the most effective way to achieve your resolutions is to schedule the steps that are necessary to accomplish your dream.  If your goal is to get your novel published, scheduling a block of time to write each day will commit you to the process and help you to work toward achieving your resolution.

Now you have the tools to create valuable, well-written goals and accomplish them.  As you review your resolutions on a regular basis, reward yourself along the way, and you will be amazed by what you can accomplish. Take a few minutes to sit down and decide where you want your life to lead this upcoming year.  The sky is the limit and your dreams are waiting for you!


Jill Weaver is a professional organizer and time management trainer throughout the Lowcountry.  She helps her clients organize their homes, offices and their time.  If you would like more information about these topics or services, contact Personalized Solutions at 843-521-7099 or