Author: Will Balk, Jr.

Come on, Mother Nature! Decide!

We’re only three weeks into spring and already the last of the camellias are fading, the classic azaleas are past their peak, and mowing the raggedy-looking lawn is beginning to look like an immediate necessity. Barely spring, yet summer weather is announcing an early arrival. There will be plenty of blooming beauty coming with the hot days, of course, and perhaps it will last longer than the short-lived season of spring eruptions of bloom.

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Dreaming of Spring 

Those waves of spring-like warmth and depth-of-winter cold that have repeatedly swept over our gardens lately haven’t caused my hydrangeas to burst into bloom yet – unlike the old Kiefer pear trees which have made a gorgeous show of flowering, only to be zapped back to bare stems once the cold returned.

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june, 2021

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