Conroy Center Hosts Conversation with Travel Writers Bill Thompson, Lynn and Cele Seldon

Bill Thompson

On Tuesday, June 1, at 6:00-7:00 p.m., the nonprofit Pat Conroy Literary Center will host a virtual conversation with Bill Thompson, author of Why Travel? A Way of Being, A Way of Seeing. Thompson will be joined in conversation with Lynn and Cele Seldon, travel writers based in Beaufort and the authors of guidebooks to Charleston and Savannah.

This free program will be live-streamed on the Conroy Center’s Facebook page, Attendees can also join the authors on Zoom for a more interactive experience by registering in advance  through the Conroy Center’s Facebook page or at

In Why Travel? A Way of Being, A Way of Seeing, Thompson writes about one subject as a way of exploring a multitude of others. With 40 years’ experience as an insatiable world wanderer and travel writer, he guides readers in discovering new ways of seeing themselves, as travelers, individuals, and world citizens, buttressing his approach with personal experience, practical advice, arresting anecdotes and real-world stories. Why Travel? differs from many a travel book in that its approach won’t be obsolete in six months’ time. It offers readers valuable direction, a renewed sense of wonder, and inspiration for their own explorations.

“Bill Thompson has an insatiable wanderlust. He is motivated by curiosity and driven by wonder and is able to turn those impulses into words and photographs that send readers out into the world for the first (or hundredth) time. His new book Why Travel? answers itself. And it also leads readers of this world traveler into his world. It is a fascinating place.”–Robert Cox, former editor-in-chief of the Buenos Aires Herald


Cele and Lynn Seldon

A former writer and editor for the Charleston Post and Courier, Bill Thompson has written widely on every aspect of travel, from urban adventures to wilderness basics. His explorations span 40 years on six continents, including 48 of the 50 U.S. States, and have produced more than 70 published articles. Also a free-lance arts and book critic, he is the author of Art and Craft: 30 Years on the Literary Beat and is currently at work on a book on motion picture history.

Lynn and Cele Seldon have spent more than thirty years covering all aspects of travel. Along with a half-dozen books, their work has appeared in Southern Living, Taste of the South, Local Palate, Cruise Travel, South Carolina Living, TrailBlazer,, USA Today, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Charlotte Observer, various in-flight publications, and many AAA magazines. They are the authors of 100 Things to Do in Charleston Before You Die and 100 Things to Do in Savannah Before You Die.

The Pat Conroy Literary Center is located at 601 Bladen Street in Beaufort and open to the public for tours from noon to 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays through Sundays, or other times by appointment.