Art Posse student art

If you find yourself stumbling upon dinosaurs mingling with moon men kidnapping humans -don’t panic, you haven’t been abducted by aliens. You’ve just stumbled across an episode of The Art Posse, being filmed here in the Lowcountry.

Executive producers, Ginny Cassidy and Danie Connolly of Art Posse Productions, created the zany reality show based in Beaufort County after discovering that they both had the same warped sense of humor. They might have come from different business worlds, but logistically and artistically talented, they’ve created a very funny “how to paint masterpieces” television show. Their synergy is hilarious and an outrageous party atmosphere rules the set. It’s a Welcome Back Kotter meets I Love Lucy vibe that emphasizes crazy humor.

“Tame is a word that would NEVER be used with our names in the same sentence,” Connolly says.

They began casting for the show in mid-November. The call went out searching for people of all ages without one iota of artistic ability. Easier said than done! Since this was a reality show, contestants definitely had to have a fun personality too! At first, they didn’t think they could find untalented students. The degree of ineptness was off the charts, but the reasons these contestants wanted to be chosen were truly sweet.

People with day jobs such as chefs, teachers, restauranteurs, executive assistants, bank managers, rappers with high aspirations, and sales personnel were a few of the potential student base. Age was not a factor either. They range from 26 to 91!

Contestants confessed that they had spent years creating the worst art ever. Others admitted they really wanted to change

The Art Posse at their life class

their hopeless artistic direction and actually get better. Some of them wanted to get better so that their families could fight over their masterpieces at the reading of the will after the funeral!

One of the contestants desperately wanted to win at Pictionary because he was a legend in the family as the worst artist who ever played the game. Another person was married to an artist and assumed it couldn’t possibly be that difficult. One woman was 91 years old and soulfully admitted that all her life she could never draw a straight line. The list of artistically challenged folks grew and the stories got funnier. The producers settled on eight candidates trying to keep it to a manageable number, but an addition to the group proved kismet.

The camera and production crew conducted interviews with the local personalities. The show’s set location was a well-kept secret; people were coming by randomly auditioning on the spot. It was hard to turn away eager students who not only thought they’d cure their painting deficits, but that this just might be their ticket to Hollywood!

Danie Connolly shifted into art teacher host, and together with sidekick comedian Tamela (who gives new meaning to Best Supporting Actor role), the producers created a program for the students that introduced them to a different way to create art. They rolled up their sleeves and set the pace journeying into the artistic unknown! Once a week, the participants gather and conquer new techniques in different periods of art and a new genre of style – all with the same goal: achieve trust and go forward.

Art Posse student art

The second episode found them heading to the Paris of days gone by – complete with berets and mustaches – to learn a little bit about George Seurat and pointillism. The secret weapon? Q-tips! The following week the students thought they were having a Life Class (Nude) but found out the teachers were pulling their legs since it was April Fool’s Day! Moments later, a model entered with a parcel beneath her cape that proved to be two hairless cats which looked nude. The show progressed to a male model finally appearing, but he felt he wasn’t artistically appreciated so it was a very short-lived Life Class. It was all part of a grand ruse to have them settle into their floral lesson – Fauvism!

At the end of each three-hour lesson, the art is judged. Finding the perfect judge who was understanding of new artists, compassionate, and stuck to the lesson of the week was another difficult challenge. Judge Gloria was selected not only because she has a career in graphic marketing, but also because she teaches yoga. The yoga was going to prove valuable in the weeks ahead!

So far, the students have tackled pointillism, fauvism, life, and still life with pastels, acrylics and watercolors.

Art Posse student art

Portrait painting, designing tattoos, and learning how to get ready for an exhibit were some of the necessary lessons. Paint pouring was another departure, but important for them to learn about instructions and paint mixing.

Co-producer Ginny Cassidy has spent her time behind the scenes, coordinating dinners for the cast and crew, handling scheduling and logistics and the hundred details that make executive producing no piece of cake.

What’s next on the horizon?

Cassidy and Connolly are continually busy with The Art Posse students and street team contributing to charity events and appearances. They are currently coordinating artwork surrounding businesses, art projects and murals.

The show is currently televised on YouTube under The Art Posse, and if you subscribe, there are bonus shows detailing each lesson. For more, visit

(Article submitted by Art Posse Productions)