The nonprofit Pat Conroy Literary Center will host a poetry writing workshop with Jacquelyn Markham, author of Rainbow Warrior, on Tuesday, December 12, at 6:00-7:30 p.m. Registration is $45/person; learn more and sign up at

Jacquelyn Markham

Have you ever struggled with the shape and form of your poem? Or, simply wondered what form best fit the experience you wanted to express? Whether your poem is inspired by the “heat of feeling” or you must invite the muse to your poem, the interplay between form and content is important to your creative process. In this generative workshop, participants will draw on guidance from poets Denise Levertov and Mary Oliver, as we explore different containers for our experiences. We will move from organic form through free verse to formal patterns, such as the cinquain and rondeau, to see our experiences take shape in new ways.

Who should attend this workshop? Those who love language and long to express their experiences in words. Any level can take away some tips for the process of hearing and expressing what Levertov calls our “constellations of experience.”

Dr. Jacquelyn Markham has been writing, teaching, and publishing poetry for over three decades. She earned a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in creative writing with a focus on poetry from Florida State University. Her recent chapbook Rainbow Warrior adds to her many publications in literary journals, magazines, and anthologies.