VicVarnerThe holidays are coming and bringing with them a new season of singing! Beaufort Academy is sweetening the 2017 season by presenting to the community its new choral ensembles. Under the direction of Victor Varner (left), Beaufort Academy is hosting a holiday concert featuring the ‘€œB.A. Blue Notes’€ on Thursday evening, December 7 at St. Johns Lutheran Church on Lady’s Island.

“€œAs our school strengthens its core curriculum, we are embracing the arts,”€ says Head of School Dan Durbin. “€œWe know that music education has great value in overall academic achievement, and reinforces all our efforts to help students learn to collaborate and strive for excellence. I have seen and heard the results of Vic’€™s efforts and know that this premier concert is just the beginning of a new era musically for this school and for the community.”€

The December 7 concert will feature both middle and upper school ensembles. “€œThese students have quickly embraced learning to read music, the concept of harmony, and the joy of choral singing,”€ comments Varner. He notes that the acoustics of St. Johns Lutheran Church provide an especially effective venue to present a vocal concert.

Tickets are $5 at the door for the 7PM concert on December 7.