Maddie Dawson

The nonprofit Pat Conroy Literary Center will host an evening with visiting writer Maddie Dawson, bestselling author of the new novel Snap Out of It, on Thursday, November 2, at 5:00 p.m., at the Conroy Center (601 Bladen St., Beaufort). Books will be available for sale and signing. Please call to reserve your seat in advance: 843-379-7025.

About Snap Out of It

Snap Out of It is a laugh-out-loud delight from start to finish with characters that are drawn with a unique wisdom and insight into human nature. My heart is full, and I am still smiling. I absolutely loved this book.”―Annabel Monaghan, author of Nora Goes Off Script

“Maddie Dawson has a rare ability to craft quirky, offbeat characters that are also utterly believable. Dawson is at the top of her game with Snap Out of It, a magical, wise, tender, joyously relatable read. From the moment Billie the Heartbreak Bunny stepped onto the page, I felt as though I’d met a soulmate.” ―Marie Bostwick, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of The Restoration of Celia Fairchild

After three marriages and a lot of living, resilient Billie Slate knows exactly what trouble love can bring. Now she’s reinvented herself as the Heartbreak Bunny, an on-call performance artist who can heal anyone who’s been burned by that four-letter word, LOVE, by hopping about and whisking away sad mementos from their past relationships. Call it magic. Call it peculiar. But her bunny costume is as perfect as her breakup mantra: SNAP OUT OF IT.

As Billie’s business goes viral and skyrockets her to sudden fame, her comfortable life turns surreal: her daughter’s marriage begins to fail, and Victor, aka Worst Husband Ever, wants not only to bond with the daughter he left but to win Billie back. Only, he’s got competition: a charming widower might be falling in love with a woman who no longer believes in love. As every romantic notion Billie had pushed away starts pushing back, the Heartbreak Bunny must confront the possibility that, just maybe, love has some tricks left up its sleeve.

Maddie Dawson is the bestselling author of eleven novels and three non-fiction humor books about parenting. (Well, three of them were bestsellers, anyway.) Maddie was born in the South and thinks the whole country should adopt the word “y’all,” but up in the Northeast, where she now has lived for 40 years, they are putting up resistance to this effort of hers, preferring “youse guys.”

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