John Meckley’s May art exhibit at The Society of Bluffton Artists’ gallery in Old Town Bluffton will reflect the South Carolina Lowcountry’s beautiful marshes and majestic egrets.

“LowCountry Backyard” art exhibit will show from May 6-June 2 with an opening reception from 5-7 pm on May 10 at the SOBA gallery.

“What inspires my brushstrokes to a canvas here in the Lowcountry are the images of soft, warm breezes floating on top of the many coloring changing marsh grasses,” Meckley said. “Also inspiring is how the white Egrets seem to glide effortlessly in slow motion across the backdrop of the majestic skies, making the long journey back to their tree top nests.”

Meckley traces his artistic roots back to the age of 13. His inherent love for art blossomed through self-taught techniques, drawing inspiration from the timeless masterpieces of Rembrandt and the esteemed Wyeth family artists. Meckley’s unique style intertwines elements of these revered artists with his own signature of soft, smooth, and warm brush strokes, complemented by a carefully curated palette of warm, earthy tones. His subjects emanate a profound sense of serenity and tranquility, inviting viewers into a world of contemplation and peace.

Meckley’s artistic journey took a significant turn at the age of 17 when he clinched his first Juried art show award in Pennsylvania. Since then, his talent has garnered widespread acclaim, earning him numerous accolades in juried exhibitions across Pennsylvania, Maryland, Florida, and South Carolina. Notably, his exceptional craftsmanship has been recognized on an international scale, with one of his masterpieces proudly adorning the walls of the Russian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

John Meckley at work

However, it was a pivotal moment two years ago that marked a profound shift in Meckley’s artistic focus. Relocating to the picturesque surroundings of Bluffton, South Carolina, he found himself enraptured by the breathtaking beauty of the landscape. A transformative experience unfolded as he drove across a bridge, with the gentle patter of rain and the radiant glow of the sun casting a surreal ambiance. A vibrant rainbow arched across the sky, while a mesmerizing flock of Egrets danced gracefully across the marshes. In that transcendent moment, Meckley felt an undeniable connection to nature, interpreting it as a divine sign guiding his artistic path.

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