“Bird Girl” by Frank Gorman

Frank Gorman and Gary Korosi will be the featured artists at The Beaufort Art Association from April 29 – June 30, with an exhibit called ‘Edges.’

Edges, the outside limits, a border, a place farthest away from the center. We spend our lives in various stages of daylight and darkness sunrise, sunset, twilight, afterglow, the golden hour, nocturnes. Those edges of the day and night all bring life to art. Edges can be soft or precise. Something “edgy” may be strong or fearless. The edges of our lives provide a unique background, defining our personalities, preferences, and individual world views.

Whether it is an oil painting to commemorate a meaningful event, or a charcuterie boardon a table to bring people together, both artists – and their work – have philosophical edges, reminding us that life need not be tedious and boring, but can be interesting and exciting;that all of life can have purpose, beauty, and celebration.

Frank Gorman, a retired architect, has transitioned from international planning and design to putting local vistas on canvas. He now paints

Color Block by Gary Korosi

impressionistic landscapes, interesting wildlife, and cityscape nocturnes to interpret God’s marvelous creation in the Lowcountry.He is also current President of the Beaufort Art Association.

Gary Korosi, a retired aerospace engineer, has moved from the skies to the workshop. His passion now lies in crafting vibrant and natural wood cutting boards. With meticulous attention to detail, he combines the precision of engineering with the artistry of woodworking. Each board is a canvas of rich hues and intricate patterns. His creations are practical while evoking beauty in the everyday act of slicing and serving.

Join the artists for an opening night reception on Friday, May 3 from 5-8pm, at the BAA Gallery, 913 Bay Street, downtown Beaufort.