‘The Life of a Flower’ by Addison Fisher

Beaufort County School District students have won 58 Southeast regional recognitions in the 2023 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards competition. 

There were 32 winners at Hilton Head Island High, 17 at May River High, five at Beaufort High, and four at Bluffton High.

The prestigious Scholastic Art & Writing Awards describes itself as the nation’s longest-running recognition program for creative teens and the largest source of scholarships for young artists and writers. Students in grades 7 through 12 typically submit more than 350,000 works of art and writing in 30 categories. Winning students earn opportunities for recognition, exhibition, publication and scholarships.

The district’s nine top award-winners – Gold Key recipients – advance to judging at the national level. Silver Key works are judged to demonstrate exceptional ability, and Honorable Mention works are judged to show great skill and potential.

“It’s great to see our students thrive through artistic expression,” said Superintendent Frank Rodriguez.  “These 58 awards are a testament to our exceptionally gifted students and extraordinary art teachers who foster the students’ artistic talents every day.”

Judges evaluate student artwork based on originality, technical skill, and the emergence of a personal vision or voice.  Former winners of Scholastic Awards include Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Richard Avedon, Sylvia Plath, and filmmaker Ken Burns.

Gold Key winner from Beaufort High was Elizabeth Sherbert for ‘Spoons’ (Painting).

 Gold Key winners from Hilton Head High were Alondra Colula for ‘Max and Toby’ (Painting); Addison Fisher for ‘The Life of a Flower’ (Fashion); and Karen McDonnell for ‘Lady of the Lake’ (Photography).

‘Spoons’ by Elizabeth Sherbert

Gold Key winners from May River High were Olivia Buck for ‘Evening Subway’ (Photography); Grace EnYart for ‘Self-Portrait’ (Digital Art); Addison Gourley for ‘Swimmers’ (Photography); and Robbin Zetrouer for ‘Grit’ (Photography) and ‘The Boy’(Photography).

Silver Key winner from Beaufort High School was Anna Lyles for ‘Fish Camp’ (Painting).

Silver Key winner from Bluffton High School was Valerie Antonio-Frias for ‘Feeling Blue’ (Drawing and Illustration).

Silver Key winners from Hilton Head High were Camden Bernstein for ‘Naval Yard’ (Photography); Skylar Bruner for ‘Shelter in Self-Image’ (Drawing and Illustration), ‘Shelter in Substance’ (Mixed Media), and ‘Twisted’ (Photography); Addison Fisher for ‘The Memory Project, Mariama’ (Drawing and Illustration) and ‘Silver Hour’ (Drawing and Illustration); Ashlyn Fleming for ‘Diamond in the Sky’ (Photography); Zoey Forshee for ‘Shell’ (Photography) and ‘Young Girl’ (Printmaking); Nathaniel Greenberg for ‘Manhole’ (Photography) and ‘Ravine’ (Photography); Karen McDonnell for ‘Looking Out’ (Photography); Maritza Moreno-Tinoco for ‘Relief Spot’ (Photography); and Leydi Salmeron for ‘Portrait’ (Drawing and Illustration).

Silver Key winners from May River High were Addison Gourley for ‘Shells’ (Photography); Emma Morgan for ‘Sweet Treats’ (Ceramics and Glass); Hailey Shupard for ‘Candelabra’ (Drawing and Illustration); and Robbin Zetrouer for ‘Around the Fire’ (Photography).

Beaufort High School Honorable Mentions were Jamar Knight for ‘Me With No Color’ (Drawing and Illustration); Anna Lemstrom for ‘Morning Contemplation’ (printmaking); and Jasmine Peru for ‘Transfixed’ (Drawing and Illustration).

‘Lady of the Lake’ by Karen McDonnell

Bluffton High Honorable Mentions were Arden Brown for ‘Deep Sea Tea Party’ (Ceramics and Glass); Barbara Montelongo for ‘Home’ (Drawing and Illustration); and Addison Snyder for ‘Is this a Dream?’ (Design).

Hilton Head High Honorable Mentions were Emily Bocialetti for ‘The Future of Politics’ (Digital Art); Izabella Delgado Munoz for ‘Sense of Reflection’ (Digital Art); Maeve Dolan for ‘Self-portrait’ (Drawing and Illustration); Addison Fisher for  ‘Details in Dramatic Lighting’ (Photography); Emilie Fister for ‘Reflection’ (Photography) and ‘Columns’ (Photography); Ashlynn Fleming for ‘Beams’ (Photography) and ‘Game Day’ (Photography); Zoey Forshee for ‘Red Light’ (Drawing and Illustration); Maya Gozlan for ‘Jane’ (Photography); Nathaniel Greenberg for ‘Pensive’ (Drawing and Illustration); Nathaniel Greenberg for ‘Stairs’ (Photography); Sheila Hobler Ortega for ‘Dock B&W’ (Photography); Karen McDonnell for ‘Stretched Neck’ (Photography); and Ixel Pineda for ‘Through an Opening’ (Photography).

May River High Honorable Mentions were Madison Dilbert for ‘Skull Crusher’ (Ceramics and Glass); Kate Goldstein for ‘Pressed Flowers’ (Ceramics and Glass); Addison Gourley for ‘Student’ (Photography) and ‘Drift Wood’ (Photography); Megan Gourley for ‘Archway at the Vatican’ (Photography) and ‘Pasta Making’ (Photography); Megan Gourley for ‘Man in the Museum Window’ (Photography); and Robbin Zetrouer for ‘Banjo Bluegrass’ (Photography).