picture-LIGHT-MY-FIRE---BY-DICK-ECKHARDTCan one photo accurately depict the essence of a song? The Photography Club of Beaufort hopes thinks so. Throughout 2016, members of the club were asked to select a song title and spend the year photographing events, places, landscapes, still lifes or portraits that represent that song in a single photograph.

            Photographers chose a variety of classic songs like Good Vibrations, Sugar Pie Honey Bunch and Candle In the Wind. It certainly will be interesting to see how well these photos illustrate the chosen song and how many catchy ear worms may be stuck in your head after seeing so many wonderful songs depicted visually.

            Internationally recognized commercial photographer and educator, Bryan Peterson, has judged these photos, putting a large emphasis on creativity as well as technical quality and composition. the forty photos are on exhibit at USCB’s Center for the Arts through January 27th.  

            For additional information please check the club website at www.photoclubbeaufort.com

Above: The photo on our January 11, 2017 cover is “Light My Fire” by Dick Eckhardt