impressions-Sharon-WiseThe Photography Club of Beaufort presents its 2014 annual photography exhibit,” Impressions in Black and White” at USCB’s Center for the Arts. The show will begin on Thursday, Dec 4th with a preview reception. The public is invited to attend. The exhibit will remain open through December 21.

            The outstanding results of a year of studying, shooting and creating will be presented at this exhibit.   During 2014, the Photography Club focused on programs and workshops that taught the subtleties of Black and White photography and printing. From Ansel Adam’s zone system to high key infrared photography; all aspects of capturing images in Black and White were brought to the attention of the members.

            To add even more interest to the year-long assigned subject, each member was Impressions-JohnWollwerthchallenged to express two, or all, of these three elements: Solitary, Metal, or Emotion. The resulting images were fun to critique and we know our audience will enjoy seeing the exhibit.

            The Center for the Arts is located on the historic Beaufort campus at 801 Carteret Street. Hours are 10-5 Monday through Friday. The exhibit can also be viewed on Saturday and Sunday when performances are being held.


Photos Above by Sharon Wise and John Wollwerth.