The class schedule @ ARTworks is not a short one, and it's not narrow either: poetry, color theory, critique sessions, wildlife photography, hammered metal necklaces, Afro Russe Dance….

"The first decade of the 21st Century is here and gone, and now it's time to get back to work," commented JW Rone, the executive director of the Arts Council of Beaufort County, where a major part of his duties are making sure that art-educators and art-learners connect meaningfully. "I'm excited about all these classes, and the opportunities to get up and move in the new year." JW himself is offering Tai Chi sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays, and his Actors Studio workshop begins on January 14th. "In the Actors Studio, we'll be using Painted Alice for workshop material, so it goes directly into the auditions and rehearsal for that production in April. Painted Alice is a multimedia extravaganza, we'll be using lots of images in conjunction with the actors, projecting colors and shapes over their movement, plus other neat surprises to make it magical. It's a multi-generational production, from high school to retirees, so come on out for it." Details and registration info about all the classes at ARTworks, including an impressive and targeted line up from visual artist Linda Sheppard, are available at, and at ARTworks, 11 to 6 Tuesday through Saturday, and 11 to 3 on Saturdays. 


The success of Linda's classes seem to be built on her extensive experience and her ability to share in a very disciplined way. "The next few months offer a good time to reflect on your art progress and hone your skills where you find weaknesses," she explained about her January and February classes: Understanding Color Theory in Water Color; Drawing Trees and Foliage; and Painting Landscapes, Clouds, and Seascapes in Watercolor, with a separate three-session experience in Oil, Acrylics and Pastels. "Most importantly, these classes and workshops are designed to help students and painters study the subjects and better understand what they see. A subject inspires us to paint it, but often what we do is copy a photo, or miss achieving the same response we initially had."


The first class, Understanding Color Theory, is one session on January 9th. "We'll concentrate on the problem of painting color effectively. Many painters have a problem getting the colors to create the luminosity or the look they want. The class will help painters understand color in order to use color for the beauty of the painting, playing with color rather than being bound by it. The class will paint small excercises to help process the color concepts. The concepts in the class apply to any painting medium, but we will be working in watercolor for this class. In the next class, Drawing Trees and Foliage on the 16th, students will learn to see more clearly the basic shapes of trees and to understand the structure and texture of the trunks and limbs. Drawing in pencil or pen, students will learn to effectively portray the essence of the tree without too much detail– students will be more aware of painting the beauty of the tree instead of copying all the leaves and branches. Later in January and February are the workshops about Processing Color Theory, and students will learn how to best portray a visual interpretation of emotion, mood or weather. The goal is to paint color in these subjects in a way that engages the viewer."


Trevor Fosters' popular ceramics classes on Thursdays resume, and Eric Horan offers six sessions in Wildlife Photography beginning January 14th. All the artists handle their own registrations, so please visit to get all those details, including about Stephanie Edwards' writers critique group, Basketry from Tradition to Innovation with Kim Keats which begins on February 1st and should not be missed, and in March, two workshops with Peggy Carvell, in Hammered Metal Necklace and Mixed Medium in Jewelry Fabrication. 


Elsie Mufuka  is "welcoming all teens and adults, all shapes, shades, heights and eye colors" into her Afro Russe Dance classes, which begins with a free session on Saturday, January 23, 11am to 1pm. "Afro Russe is a fusion of African, Ballet, and African Contemporary Dance that I developed," Elsie explained. "Afro Russe is more than a dance class. It is an exact metaphor of the lifestyle of accepting everything about self while following the basic instructions of life. These classes are for all people, including non-dancers, and will build confidence and flexibility, and you will experience your inner being through this high-energy dance class. If you can feel, YOU CAN DANCE.”


Elsie graduated from Coker College in 2008 with a dual Bachelor of Art degrees in Dance and Communications. After graduating, she accepted her first job in South Africa with Ntosana Contemporary Dance Theatre director Sello Pesa. For a year and half, Mufuka worked with this company as well as Taelo Dance Theatre-Gustin Makgeledisa, DTL Entertainment-Tumie Letsoenyo, and Lorcia Cooper, as a dancer, administrator, executive assistant, and dance facilitator. As a dance facilitator, Mufuka is practiced in transforming people into their inner dancers. This was evident in her additional work of teaching in the townships of Soweto and Alexandra, South Africa– and now she's brought her skills back to her hometown, Beaufort SC.  


All these classes, and more, will be held at ARTworks in Beaufort Town Center, where the Arts Council of Beaufort County promotes and nurtures the arts 365 a year, and works as an independent, non-profit service organization that is not a function of the Beaufort County government., 843-379-2787.



Studious artists taking a break during one of Linda Sheppards' workshops @ ARTworks