carvell exteriorJoin Peggy Carvell and gallery artists on March 6th from 5 – 8 pm for an evening of wine, sweets and live music by festive musician, Bonita Wreden to celebrate the opening of the Carvell Island Time Gallery. Located at 103 Charles Street (marina side) in downtown Beaufort, the gallery showcases a diverse spectrum of fine art that seamlessly merges the color, texture and organic work of the artists Peggy represents.    


carvell jewelry“It has been a fifteen year journey,” says Peggy, resident jewelry artist, of her dream of having a gallery in the heart of downtown Beaufort. The location is important to Carvell. The Lowcountry’s easy island time with its ebb, flow, and colorful texture is Carvell’s artistic muse. “I work timepieces into my signature pieces,” she says. “They are imbued with the timeliness of  Beaufort’s easy pace.”  

The gallery artists include silk print master, Beth Duke; exotic flower painter, Eva Espinso; landscape artist, Cheryl Eppolito; imaginative painter, Mary Lester; award winning photographer, Kelley Luikey; functional potter, Colette Oliver; driftwood craftsmen, Til Maddox and Alex Ramsey; ink painter & quilling artist, Kathryn Riley Parker; and batik artist, Joan Wykis.